Your Statement Explained

Your financial professional

The Your financial professional section provides you with the name, address, e-mail address, and contact phone number (when available) of your financial advisor.

Your Financial Professional Example

Portfolio value

The portfolio value is the quarter-ending value of your account portfolio, which is displayed on page one of your statement. Details of your account value are outlined within the proceeding pages of your statement.

Portfolio changes

Portfolio changes are shown with the most recent quarter-end and year-to-date balances and activity. This will give you a summary of the most recent transactions and a brief history of the account.

Estimated Fund Operating Expenses You Paid This Quarter is a combination of estimated Management Fees and other expenses in each fund you own. More information on how we calculate estimated fees can be found in the Legal Notes section, located on the last page of your statement.

Portfolio Value as of 6/30/2014

Your portfolio performance

Your portfolio performance is calculated using an internal rate of return (IRR) method. These values are displayed based on your current portfolio. More information on the calculation can be found in the Legal Notes section of your statement.

Your Portfolio Performance

BlackRock news

Up-to-date, value-added messages can be found in this section, including upcoming events and best practices for statement usage.

BlackRock News

Contacting us

Provides you with important contact information for BlackRock including phone number, Internet address and mailing address. BlackRock also has the availability to "Go Paperless." To sign up please visit

Contacting us

Your portfolio allocation

This section provides you with a breakdown of BlackRock funds by investment style. In addition to the investment style, your statement has a brief description of each fund in your portfolio.

Your portfolio allocation

Your portfolio history

This graph compares the market value of your portfolio, as of the statement reporting period, to the net amount invested. Personal performance calculations only include current accounts and do not reflect the performance of any account that may have been closed during the quarter. Net investment is the total amount you put in (minus expenses) less the total amount you withdrew (including any dividends and capital gains paid to you in cash).

For shareholders who held Merrill Lynch or State Street Research fund shares prior to 1993, an inception date of January 1, 1993, is used to calculate individual performance. For shareholders who held BlackRock fund shares (but not Merrill Lynch or State Street Research funds) in their accounts prior to 2005, an inception date of January 1, 2005, is used to calculate individual performance. Please refer to the Legal Notes section of your statement for additional information.

Your portfolio history

Historical fund performance

The data presented in this chart represents fund performance for the given periods. Values given are based on the Net Asset Value (NAV) and Public Offering Price (POP), which includes sales charges. Additionally, the performance of each fund's benchmark index is displayed. Due to the complexity in matching the Life of Fund data to the performance of the index, this data is not shown.

Historical Fund Performance and benchmark returns are preliminary and may be subject to change. Performance is not final until the release of final performance data for the quarter. View daily and monthly fund performance. Please keep in mind that the historical fund performance quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. The funds share price, yield and return will fluctuate and you may have a gain or loss when you sell your shares.

Historical fund performance

Your portfolio activity this period

This section contains a complete summary of all your accounts for the current quarter only. You can see important information for each fund you own, including any purchases, redemptions and the change in value between the beginning and end of the period. The Change in Value reflects the impact of share price, investment gain or loss, as well as reinvested dividends and distributions, if any.

Your account activity this period

Year to date income summary

This is a brief overview of financial activity for the current year. Although this is not intended to be used for tax-reporting purposes, it can help keep track of possible tax implications. Your definitive tax statements will be mailed by January 31 of the following year.

Your year to date income summary

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If you have any additional questions, please call the BlackRock Service Center at 800-441-7762 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Account activity

This section displays your account number, the registration of the account and a calculation showing the Total Account Value, as well as estimated operating expenses attributable to the fund. The account value is calculated as of the last business day of the quarter using the total shares held multiplied by the Net Asset Value as of the last business day of the quarter.

The Estimated Fund Operating Expenses are calculated by taking the quarter-ending Total Account Value of each account and multiplying it by the expense ratio that is provided in the current prospectus for each fund you own. For example, Global Allocation Institutional share class had an expense ratio of -6.70% as of June 30, 2013. Since this is an annualized number, we divide it by 4 to determine the estimated quarterly rate. The quarterly number is then applied to your account balance to determine your estimated share of fund expenses. Because fees are estimated using your account value at quarter end, the calculation does not take into consideration changes in account value during the period. Accordingly, your costs may be higher or lower than the estimate.

Account activity sample

For accounts closed during the period, estimated fees are reflected as "$0.00." For accounts opened during the quarter, estimated fees are calculated as if the account had been open for the entire period.

Estimated Cost Basis is shown for each of your accounts, if available. For various reasons, this value is not always available. For certain types of retirement and other IRA accounts, this value will not appear due to the taxable implications when you redeem your shares. In addition, cost basis information is not provided for money market funds, non-active funds, certain transfers, brokerage and other financial intermediary accounts, and government accounts.

Your Personal Rate of Return is calculated as of the day you opened your account—the "Inception Date" shown in your statement. For shareholders who held Merrill Lynch or State Street Research fund shares prior to 1993, an inception date of January 1, 1993, is used to calculate individual performance. For shareholders who held BlackRock fund shares (but not Merrill Lynch or State Street Research funds) in their accounts prior to 2005, an inception date of January 1, 2005, is used to calculate individual performance. Your personal rate of return is an estimate of the return you achieved during the period and does not represent the performance of any fund. Personal Rate of Return information is calculated using an internal rate of return (IRR) method.

Activity in This Fund is a detailed review of all the transactions that occurred in your account during the quarter. Included are the Trade Date, Transaction Description, Dollars This Transaction, Share Price, Shares This Transaction and Total Shares Held after the transaction occurred.

YTD retirement account summary

To help track contributions into your retirement accounts each quarter this section of your statement displays your current year activity for the prior tax year and current YTD contributions, distributions and withholdings.

YTD retirement summary

Your account options

This area lists all of your account features at the fund/account level. These features include: telephone redemption/exchange; dividend capital gain option; dividend allocation plan; systematic withdrawal; automatic investing; systematic exchange; and EZ Trader (ACH).

Your account options