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Private Equity

Private Equity is a core pillar of BlackRock’s alternatives platform. BlackRock’s Private Equity teams manage US $23 billion in client assets across direct, primary, secondary and co-Investments.
What is Private Equity?
Private Equity investments typically aim to create value in private businesses by financing growth, operational improvements or other changes. Combined with active ownership, longer time horizons and financial leverage, those changes may produce higher returns than are common in public equity.
What is Private Equity?

Why BlackRock for Private Equity?

Private Equity is an essential element of investors’ portfolios. Investors are seeking differentiated strategies for their Private Equity allocations based on their unique needs, including risk and return objectives, cash flow profiles and overall cost. Our platform takes a holistic approach to investors’ Private Equity portfolios and is designed to offer strategies and solutions that align with client objectives and deliver persistent outperformance.

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True alignment with client needs
We are built to share our advantages with clients— and steadfast in our commitment to provide efficient exposure to Private Equity in formats tailored to their needs.
Differentiated sourcing enabled by a centralized platform
Differentiated sourcing enabled by a centralized platform
Our sourcing machine, comprised of networks in public and private markets and a brand that has enabled proprietary access, is core to our ability to generate alpha.
Insights amplified with technology
Insights amplified by technology
A market-leading analytics platform provides an edge with exceptional visibility across asset classes, and deep views across companies, industries and macro trends.

Private Equity Investment Strategies

Our investment strategies and solutions span the Private Equity toolkit, offering investors exposure to direct, primary, secondary, and co-investment strategies. While the approaches differ, they share the strengths of a common platform as they seek to deliver outperformance with true partnership.

  • We are designed to deliver compounded Private Equity returns and better alignment with investors and investee companies. The strategy is predicated on asset selection that prioritizes proven, high-quality businesses and value creation through active collaboration with management teams.

  • We have been leaders in co-investments since 2001. More than half of co-investment capital has gone into pre-bid transactions, enabling us to do deeper due diligence, have stronger influence on results and obtain scalable allocations.

  • We take a systematic approach, with long-term pipeline visibility based on comprehensive market coverage. Robust portfolio planning enables diversification across managers, vintages, strategies/stages, geographies, sectors and sizes.

  • Investors buy shares in private equity funds on the secondary market to access more mature assets, diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market dislocations. Our experienced secondaries team leverages BlackRock’s advantages to deliver on all fronts.

Meet the BlackRock team

Our Private Equity investors have extensive experience and strong records of achievement in the industry. Having invested across multiple cycles, they are well equipped to help clients build resilient-Private Equity portfolios.

Meet the BlackRock team


Source: BlackRock, as of September 30, 2020. Years of average investment experience based on MD-level investors.


Russell Steenberg
Managing Director and Global Head of BlackRock Private Equity Partners (PEP)
Russell Steenberg, Managing Director and Global Head of BlackRock PEP oversees investments across primary funds, co-investments and secondaries.
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André Bourbonnais
Managing Director and Global Head of BlackRock Long Term Private Capital (LTPC)
André Bourbonnais, Managing Director and Global Head of BlackRock LTPC oversees direct Private Equity investments
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