Country Specific Legal Documents

BlackRock |Mar 12, 2014

Effective April 30, 2012, the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) and BlackRock Strategic Funds (BSF) simplified prospectuses will no longer be available. One of the key regulatory requirements of the UCITS IV Directive is to ensure that all investors receive a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the relevant UCITS fund before an investment is made. The KIID is a two page disclosure document and replaces the Simplified Prospectus.

Unlike the Simplified Prospectus, in Europe, the KIID is a pre-contractual requirement and so must be made available to, and be received and read by a client before they can invest.

Existing investors who do not make additional investments do not need to receive a KIID. New investors, including existing investors who invest in a different share class of the same fund, need to receive the relevant KIID before investing.

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