• The Latest Trends in Factors

    Mar 4, 2021 | By Andrew Ang
    A Q&A with Michael Lane, Head of US Wealth Advisory iShares, on factor trends and new research.
  • Factors: A New Way

    Jan 30, 2021 | By Andrew Ang
    Three ways we envision refining the measurement and implementation of factors in 2021 and beyond.
  • Keep more of what you earn

    Nov 30, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    Position your portfolio for long term success by aiming to enhance returns, reduce costs and manage taxes.
  • Momentum: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

    Nov 17, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    Many questions have been raised about the momentum factor since it’s academic unveiling in the early 1990s. In this Angle, we unpack fact and fiction about momentum.
  • Style Factors and Elections

    Oct 19, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    Factor premiums have varied over US presidential cycles. How might your vote influence your portfolio?
  • The Sleeping Giant: Value’s Dormant not Dead

    Sep 11, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    Although value is experiencing its worst drawdown in nearly 100 years, we believe this underperformance is mostly cyclical. Learn how diversifying factor exposures can help investors await on the sleeping giant.
  • Navigating Contraction

    Jul 15, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    It’s been more than ten years since the US economy entered a recession. Now that it’s here, factors can help navigate these difficult times.
  • ESG in Factors

    May 26, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    If you’re a factor investor, you may already hold an ESG-friendly portfolio. But investors can go one step further.
  • Relying on factors in crises

    Mar 30, 2020 | By Andrew Ang
    Unprecedented market volatility has rattled markets. What should investors expect from factor portfolios?
  • Factor capacity by the numbers

    Dec 11, 2019 | By Andrew Ang
    Factor investing has grown in popularity. How large can factor strategies get before their size weighs on returns?
  • Fending off factor investing fallacies

    Sep 24, 2019 | By Andrew Ang
    Equally timeless as factor investing are those attempting to predict its demise. The efficacy of factors has been proven over decades, yet the skeptics remain.
  • The Lowdown on Low Vol

    Jul 29, 2019 | By Andrew Ang
    Minimum volatility does not always mean minimum returns. The market’s been on a tear in 2019, and min vol has kept pace. How?
  • Factor, not just asset, allocation

    Feb 27, 2018 | By Andrew Ang
    Go beyond asset allocation to factor allocation. Discover what factors you own, plan what factors you want, and map out how to get there.
  • Long-short factor investing

    Oct 18, 2017 | By Andrew Ang
    Here’s what investors consider when deciding whether to invest in long-only or long-short factor strategies, including relative and absolute return goals.
  • Factor capacity – a wide highway ahead?

    Aug 2, 2017 | By Andrew Ang
    Are factors getting too popular? What is the capacity of factor investing strategies?
  • Factor investing - a time to tilt

    Jun 23, 2017 | By Andrew Ang
    Factor investing timing, like market timing, is difficult to accomplish. But judicious factor investment tilting can improve return potential.

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