Tools and Calculators


Portfolio Construction & Analysis

Thumb: Morningstar Multi-Fund Comparison Fund
Morningstar Multi Fund Comparison Tool

Side-by-side comparison of up to five ETFs, Mutual Funds and/or Indexes.

Thumb: Morningstar Hypothetical Tool
Morningstar Hypothetical

Generate a client-approved hypothetical report on a portfolio of ETFs, open-end funds and/or closed-end funds in the Morningstar universe.

Thumb: Morningstar Investment Detail Tool
Morningstar Investment Detail Tool

Tool Generate a client approved fact sheet on any ETF, open-end or closed-end fund in the Morningstar universe.

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Thumb: Morningstar Portfolio Comparison
Morningstar Portfolio Comparison

Compare two portfolios of ETFs, open-end and closed-end funds side-by-side using key elements such as asset allocation, performance, sector weightings, and risk characteristics.

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Thumb: Find a Replacement Fund
Find a Replacement Fund

Use this new Morningstar tool to find a replacement fund.

Thumb: Morningstar Portfolio Analysis
Morningstar Portfolio Analysis

Analyze the composition and performance of a portfolio of ETFs, open-end and closed-end funds.

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Retirement and Planning Tools

Tools: iRetire
iRetire® by BlackRock

Introducing iRetire®, a whole new way to help your clients start closing the gap between where they stand today, and the income they really want each year in retirement.

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Tools: College Planning
College Planning Center

Create a personalized plan for each of your children including a step-by-step guide of important elements to consider and things to do right now in the college planning process.

Thumb: CoRI

Help your clients get an instant estimate of the retirement income their current savings can provide using our simple, 3-step process.

Thumb: Social Security Benefits Estimator
Updated! Social Security Benefits Estimator

Help your married, divorced, widowed and single clients develop a strategy for maximizing their Social Security benefits. Compare benefits from multiple distinct collection strategies to see which strategy results in the highest combined lifetime benefits.


ETF Analysis Tools

Thumb: iBond Ladder Tool
iBond Ladder Tool

Create customized bond ladders with iBonds ETFs and export your customized portfolio in a client-approved PDF.

Thumb: Index Returns Chart
Index Returns Chart

Track the returns of more than 150 worldwide indexes. Compare by asset class, market segement, country and sector and see which iShares ETF is associated to each index.

Report Generator Tool
Report Generator Tool

Create customized reports containing fund data on iShares ETFs.

Thumb: iShares Core Builder
iShares Core Builder

Get a custom portfolio of iShares ETFs in minutes.

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Thumb: Historical Returns Tool
Historical Returns Tool

This tool is retired please use the Report Generator Tool for Historical Returns Data.

Thumb: Asset Class Illustrator
Asset Class Illustrator

Quickly model new portfolios and produce client proposals.

Thumb: Correlation Calculator
Correlation Calculator

Create more diversified portfolios and identify similar investment opportunities.

Factor Performance
Factor Performance Tool**

Use this interactive tool to see how different types of factors have performed through economic cycles, market shocks and any other time period since 2000.