An endowment’s perspective on the outsourced CIO model

Dec 14, 2020

Building a successful OCIO partnership: an endowment’s perspective

Jeff Mindlin, CIO at Arizona State University Enterprise Partners, sat down with Mark McCombe, BlackRock’s Chief Client Officer, to discuss his experience using the outsourced chief investment officer model and to share his thoughts on how endowments can forge successful partnerships, why he believes portfolio construction and alternative assets are going to become increasingly important, and where he sees cause for optimism amid challenging market conditions.

Key takeaways


You can't outsource your strategy.

For a relationship to be successful over the long term, there needs to be a philosophical alignment between endowments and their OCIOs.


Portfolio construction and alternative assets are key.

With yields ultralow, hitting return targets is going to be challenging. To succeed, you’re going to need a smart, cost-efficient asset allocation and an innovative approach to alternative assets.


Sustainability is here to stay.

Sustainability and ESG strategies will increasingly become mainstream. Eventually, the line between sustainable and traditional investing will probably go away.

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Mark McCombe
Chief Client Officer, BlackRock
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Jeff Mindlin
Chief Investment Officer, Arizona State University Enterprise Partners
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