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New investment playbook in action

The banking tumult on both sides of the Atlantic has made crystal clear how important it is to stay nimble and update investment views in real time. This is the new playbook in action amid the volatile economic and market regime. We prefer inflation-linked bonds and very short-term government paper for income.
Read Larry Fink’s annual Chairman’s Letter to Investors
In his latest letter, Larry discusses the macro environment, including inflation, rising rates and stresses in the banking sector. He also addresses a fragmenting global economy, our commitment to client choice, the importance of hope for investors, the “silent” retirement crisis, and implications of the global energy transition.
Image of Larry Fink, BlackRock Chief Executive Officer
Think Differently About Income
As we enter a new market regime, investors are faced with unprecedented challenges. Investors and asset managers alike need to think differently about how they are investing for income.
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It’s time to rethink your fixed income with iShares ETFs

There’s a bigger role for fixed income ETFs in today’s portfolios

BII Macro Take

Trade-off facing central banks now clear and immediate

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