Larry Fink's 2022 letter to CEOs

For over a decade, Larry has been writing to CEOs highlighting themes that are vital to creating long-term value for our clients. The pandemic has accelerated the importance of these themes, raising new questions for how companies should evolve as the world around us changes.

Image of Larry Fink, BlackRock's Chairman and CEO
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Investing in short-duration China policy bank bonds

iShares Short Duration China Policy Bank Bond ETF
3125 HKD
83125 RMB
9125 USD

The iShares Short Duration China Policy Bank Bond ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index comprised of fixed-rate and zero-coupon CNY-denominated policy banks bonds issued in mainland China with a remaining maturity of 6 months to 3 years.

Towards a more sustainable future

Helping our clients invest sustainably

Great wall of china

Unleash the potential of China bonds

In this low for longer interest rate environment across developed markets, income-seeking investors can look outside of core markets and consider China bonds to deliver potential yield opportunities and diversification benefits, and add resilience to a global portfolio.
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