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Larry Fink on the transformative power of choice in proxy voting

In a new letter, Larry discusses enhancing governance by injecting important new voices into shareholder democracy.
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Think Differently About Income

As we enter a new market regime, investors are faced with unprecedented challenges. Investors and asset managers alike need to think differently about how they are investing for income.
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Investing in China government bonds

iShares China Government Bond ETF
2829 (HKD)
82829 (RMB)
9829 (USD)

The iShares China Government Bond ETF seeks to track the performance of an index offering exposure to CNY-denominated fixed-rate government bonds issued in mainland China.

Towards a more sustainable future

Helping our clients invest sustainably

It’s not always easy to make a decision.
Set A or Set B? Get married first or buy a house first?
This is also true when it comes to planning for retirement.
“I am afraid of making a wrong decision”
“I will think about it later”
But, the more you delay your retirement financial planning, the less likely you will be ready for your retirement.

Planning for retirement is not just about being timely.  You also need to “upgrade” your investment mindset.
Nowadays a 70-year-old can enjoy a second career as a KOL while
A 30-year-old can have the financial freedom to retire early.
What you need is the flexibility to control and adjust your investment portfolios to adapt to changing life stages and financial needs

The BlackRock ESG Flex Choice Series  offers 3 investment solutions at different risk levels
cautious, moderate and growth, 
combined with 3 share classes1
A2 Accumulating, A6 and A10 Distributing2, to deliver a total of 9 investment combinations,
offering you greater flexibility to achieve your retirement goals

Why should you invest?
One strategy, 9 possibilities
to enable you to flexibly and proactively adjust your portfolio based on your changing financial needs and risk tolerance levels. Whether you are seeking capital growth, regular cash flows
or capital preservation
we have an option that works for you!

The BlackRock ESG Flex Choice Series is one of the few fund of funds that invests into ESG ETFs3, recognized by the SFC in Hong Kong.
The Series invests in equity funds, fixed income funds and ETFs, covering thousands of underlying securities4 on average.
It is a truly diversified5 multi-asset strategy.

What’s more
The Series enjoys lower costs relative to its peers6, aiming to bring investors potentially higher returns by leveraging the power of compounding

So what are you waiting for? Start now with BlackRock ESG Flex Choice Series and work towards a more confident retirement.

BlackRock ESG Flex Choice Series - One strategy more possibilities

Own your financial and retirement planning with flexibility and ease

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