Rick Rieder

Rick Rieder

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Global Fixed Income

Rick Rieder, Managing Director, is BlackRock's Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Global Fixed Income platform, a member of BlackRock's Global Operating Committee and Chairman of the BlackRock firm-wide Investment Council.

Before joining BlackRock in 2009, Mr. Rieder was President and Chief Executive Officer of R3 Capital Partners. He served as Vice Chairman and member of the Borrowing Committee for the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Rieder is currently a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Investment Advisory Committee on Financial Markets. He was inducted into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Fixed Income Hall of Fame in 2013 and nominated for Fixed Income Manager of the Year by Institutional Investor for 2014.


From 1987 to 2008, Mr. Rieder was with Lehman Brothers, most recently as head of the firm's Global Principal Strategies team, a global proprietary investment platform. He was also global head of the firm's credit businesses, Chairman of the Corporate Bond and Loan Capital Commitment Committee and a member of the Board of Trustees for the corporate pension fund. Before joining Lehman Brothers, Mr. Rieder was a credit analyst at SunTrust Banks in Atlanta.


Mr. Rieder earned a BBA degree in Finance from Emory University in 1983 and an MBA degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1987. He is a member of the board of Emory University, Emory's Business School, and the University's Investment Committee and is the Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee. Mr. Rieder is founder and chairman of the business school's BBA investment fund and community financial literacy program.


Mr. Rieder serves as Chairman of the Board of North Star Academy's eleven Charter Schools in Newark, New Jersey and is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Graduation Generation Public School Collaboration in Atlanta. He is a Trustee for the U.S. Olympic Committee and is on the board of advisors for the Hospital for Special Surgery. He serves on the National Leadership Council of the Communities in Schools Educational Foundation and on the board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Newark and Essex County. Mr. Rieder was honored at the Choose Success Awards ceremony in Atlanta in 2015 for his dedication to public education in Atlanta through CIS and Graduation Generation.

jul 14, 2016

Rick Rieder

  • I'm Rick Rieder, Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income for BlackRock. I help the firm manage its fixed income investments around the world.

    I think we're going through a technology revolution, the likes of which nobody's ever seen before. People point to technology in prior generations, like vehicles or railroad, very different forms of technology. Now we're seeing movement of data at such rapid speeds that's creating efficiencies around the world and doing things in much more efficient manner than anything we've ever seen before. People talk about productivity in the world, that you're not seeing the level of productivity that, uh, that we should expect in this economy and I actually think it's the exact opposite. You're seeing productivity enhancements for things we used to do much faster, much more efficiently, eliminating waste. You look at things like energy and how we consume energy and how it's produced. And we now have supply/demand equilibrium like we've never had before and consumption is at lower levels because of how economical we are around energy. Changing energy, changing mobile telephony, changing banking and services we do on our, on our phones. Incredible efficiencies, the likes of which you've never seen before, that is mis-measured by traditional economic data and is something that I think is, is happening faster than anybody gives credit to and I think will continue to do so over the coming years.

    Where cash flow is generated, how it's generated, what countries generate it, what types of companies do it is, is literally (inaudible) happening in lightspeed like nothing we've ever seen.

    BlackRock is a company that is unique to the financial services industry in so many ways. It is a firm that has so many resources around the world that allows us to think about investments in different ways. Allows us to collaborate around the world about ideas, and things that are changing in different regions of the world, different industries. Debt markets versus equity markets versus commodity markets. And allows you to sit and think about things in different ways, and because of all the resources, because of all the research, because of world-class technology, world-class analytics - allows you to manage money in a more efficient way. And I've said this before. If you have the best research in the world, and the best communication in the world, and the best technology and analytics - and something you strive for, can you put all of these things together in a way that's unique in the marketplace and do it for your clients efficiently, be a fiduciary to your clients in terms of creating the best return for them possible because you have so many ideas and information and technology to bring to the floor to do it efficiently.