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NARRATOR: Since our founding over 30 years ago, BlackRock has approached change with courage, humility, and a goal of staying ahead of our clients' needs. We've always recognized our great responsibility to our clients and to the communities we serve around the world.

We help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them throughout their lives. We make investing easier and more affordable. We advance sustainable investing. And we contribute to a more inclusive and resilient economy that benefits more people.
To meet the needs of our clients over the long term, we're continuing to evolve, invest, and innovate. We are challenging ourselves and the industry by asking big questions.

Like how can we contribute to an effective transition to a net zero economy? How can we bring the voices of individual shareholders to the companies they invest in? And how can we help more people benefit from the long-term growth of capital markets?

BlackRock is investing for the future so we can better serve our clients, inspire our employees, and support our communities. This is how we remain true to our purpose of helping more and more people experience financial well-being.

Introduce BlackRock

BlackRock is committed to helping more people experience financial well-being by providing investment solutions that strive to meet real-life goals, like retirement.

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BlackRock's sole focus is to deliver well-built and dynamically managed model portfolios that help your clients stay invested for the long-term. 

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BlackRock offers model portfolios to help your clients achieve their real-life investment goals.

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BlackRock as your trusted investment partner

We are invested in your clients' financial well-being.

Explore Advisor Center tools

Access Advisor Center’s tools to evaluate model portfolio holdings, risks, fees, performance and more. Make more informed decisions quickly and communicate impacts to clients clearly.
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Model Evaluator
Filter and view available models by categories like growth, income, tax aware, sustainable and more to help meet clients’ needs.
360° Evaluator
Analyze a model portfolio and customize its holdings for unique clients. Create client-friendly reports highlighting holdings, performance, fees, insights, and more.
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Scenario Tester
Stress test a model portfolio or a current portfolio to see how they could react against 30+ market events.
Tax Evaluator
Designed to help you take control of your clients' tax liability, review portfolios to identify funds distributing capital gains and help clients keep more of what they earn.
Brand & Share
Add your logo to client-facing materials like a recent trade notice, brochure, or market update.