No 2008 redux, but recession coming


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  • Three reasons to consider emerging market stocks

    Growth potential and diversification in EM stocks are commonly cited benefits, yet thin positioning in portfolios, suggests many investors are unconvinced.
  • No 2008 redux, but recession coming

    BlackRock is one of the world’s preeminent asset management firms and a premier provider of investment management. Find out more information here.
  • Meet the team

    BlackRock is one of the world’s preeminent asset management firms and a premier provider of investment management. Find out more information here.
  • Midyear 2021 EMEA Implementation Guide

    Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas from our Investment Strategy team.
  • A new investment playbook

    Read our latest macro and asset allocation views, including implementation ideas.
  • How to invest in the net zero transition

    We're dedicated to being the world’s leading advisor on investing in the net zero transition. Read our framework for helping clients invest in the transition.
  • From ambition to action - the path to net zero

    We are dedicated to advancing climate innovation to help clients achieve their sustainability goals and build a net-zero economy that serves everyone.
  • About BlackRock in Saudi Arabia

    BlackRock is a global investment manager, dedicated to your long-term, financial well-being. Learn more about BlackRock in Saudi Arabia.
  • Contact us

    As the world's largest asset manager, it's key that investors can easily reach us. Find contact details for key personnel across the Saudi Arabia BlackRock team.
  • Jargon Buster

    This glossary will help you better understand financial terms related to Exchange Traded Products and Active Funds.

    Successful investors stand out because of their higher index adoption, alpha-seeking strategies and blending of solutions
  • The Power of Capitalism

    In his annual 2022 letter to CEO's, BlackRock's Larry Fink discusses how effective stakeholder capitalism creates and sustains value for shareholders. Read more.
  • Complaints

    At BlackRock, we take complaints seriously. If you wish to complain contact our team and we will ensure an employee, independent of the matter, commences an investigation.
  • Product


    Discover how the Index Insights and solutions team can help investors construct portfolios -bridging the gap between top-down macro and bottom-up product selection.

    iShares relentlessly pursues better ways to invest and empowers investors to control their financial futures. Learn about our mission, history and leadership.

Where we stand

Corporate sustainability
Corporate sustainability
We put an unwavering focus on long-term sustainability and ensure it is embedded across our entire business.

Investment stewardship
Investment stewardship
We engage with companies to inform our voting and promote sound corporate governance that is consistent with sustainable, long-term value creation.