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  • the information contained on this website is for information purposes only and is not intended for and should not be distributed to, or relied upon by, members of the public;
  • the information contained on this website may contain statements that are not purely historical in nature but are ‘forward looking statements, including amongst other things, projections forecasts or estimates of income. These forward-looking statements are based on certain assumption, some of which are described in other documents or materials.

This website and the information it contains is not directed at residents of any country where it is prohibited by law or regulations from making the information available.  It is not intended for access or any use that would be contrary to local law or regulation. 

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BlackRock Saudi Arabia is located in 29th floor, Olaya Towers – Tower B, 3074 Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St, Olaya District, Riyadh 12213 – 8022, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.