Liability-driven investing (LDI)

Why BlackRock for LDI?

Our LDI platform provides defined benefit plan sponsors with the power and flexibility of one of the most comprehensive fixed income businesses in the world, combined with proprietary asset-liability focused technology.

LDI investors require both diversifying credit investments and capital-efficient rates strategies.
Technology and innovation
Technology and innovation
LDI investors can benefit from both a direct license to our risk management technology and the ability to engage our LDI team, tools and reporting.
Custom liability expertise
Custom liability expertise
As your plan’s LDI strategy evolves over time, our services keep up with your changing needs.

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Investment philosophy

Our offerings are designed to evolve with the changing needs of the plan, from long credit and capital efficient rates strategies to end-game solutions such as hibernation and pension risk transfer services.


From our start as a fixed income boutique, BlackRock is now the world’s largest manager of fixed income assets1.

Today, we combine our investment experience, expertise and resources on a shared technology platform aiming to deliver strong performance and robust solutions to our clients.


Navigating clients’ unique situations, sensitivities, and objectives, our LDI team guides clients to their optimal strategy. The expansive platform suits clients with a customized plan for their unique pension journey. BlackRock LDI offers a range of fixed income investment strategies that seek to meet pension client objectives.

Over $350b in AUM globally1

This graphic depicts the range of fixed income investments strategies offered by BlackRock LDI.
Aladdin technology
Aladdin connects the information, people and tools needed to manage money in real time. This offers the benefits of interactive risk reporting and analytics, portfolio management tools, trading, regulatory reporting & compliance, operations and performance attribution.
Aladdin Technology

BlackRock team

We believe our size allows us to invest in people and technology, creating comprehensive global coverage and thought leadership across regions.

BlackRock has a dedicated LDI team that develops client solutions in partnership with our portfolio management teams across our fundamental, systematic and index platforms.

This image showcases the 29 LDI specialists in the Americas and 39 LDI specialists in Europe.

Source: BlackRock, as of December 31, 2018.

Matthew Nili
Head of US and Canada LDI
Matthew Nili, Managing Director, is Head of the US and Canada Liability Driven Investment (LDI) business.
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