Focus on your long term goals

Although markets tend to be highly volatile over the short-term, they have historically produced strong results over the long-term. It is imperative for investors to remain focused and stay invested.



History of stock market recoveries

Over the past 27 years, we have seen a number of significant market declines.
However, the upturns that follow have on average lasted longer and been of greater scale in terms of returns.



Bull markets often outrun bear markets

Every market cycle has both up days and down days.
Often a few very good days account for a large part of the total return.
In bull markets, markets on average recovered strongly and posted gains
for at least two years.
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Emotions affect investment decisions

Many investors tend to buy in rising markets (buy high) and sell in declining markets (sell low), contrary to the basics of investing. It is often when sentiment is at its worst that markets are set to rebound.
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Missed opportunities can be costly

Consistently predicting which days will move in which direction is virtually impossible and can be very costly. Missing only a few of the best days in the market could have an adverse effect on an investor’s return.
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Diversify, diversify, diversify

In today’s changing market environment, you need to have confidence that your investment is ready to weather even the worst days. A core-satellite approach can help your investment portfolio to weather all market cycles. You can then enhance and customize your portfolio by adding shorter-term, tactical or asset class-specific investments,
which are designed to opportunistically take advantage of market trends or special investment situations.



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