Unleash the potential of China bonds BlackRock China Bond Fund

Unleash the potential of China bonds

Seek to capture yield & growth opportunities in the China bond market

The rise of China’s bond market to become the world’s second largest1 has been driven primarily by local investors. The next stage of its growth should see increased foreign ownership with ongoing inflows to the market as Chinese securities are increasingly represented in flagship global bond benchmarks.

With increased acceptance of China bonds as a building block for global fixed income portfolios, investors are now actively allocating funds to China. The growth of the China bond market, in size and complexity, is providing a wealth of opportunities for investors.

Trillion in market size1
Second largest in the world1
Annualized growth rate2
and less foreign ownership3

What makes China bonds a compelling asset class?

Amidst an environment of elevated volatility and geopolitical risk, China bonds continue to offer better risk-adjusted yields. It serves as an effective diversifier and is a powerful tool to build resilience in a global fixed income portfolio.
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Better risk-adjusted yield
China credits offer relatively competitive yield per unit of volatility4 versus other major fixed income asset classes.
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Onshore China credit is resilient against market shocks5
Onshore China credit has seen positive returns during major global market shocks. Its low correlation against other asset classes can provide resilience in a global portfolio.
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Low correlation between onshore and offshore markets6
This low correlation can potentially enable investors to diversify, reduce portfolio volatility and generate alpha via dynamic asset allocation.

Why invest in BlackRock China Bond Fund

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Relatively attractive monthly income distribution
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Strong performance7
Ranked 1st quartile among its peers over 5-year period
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A “go-anywhere” strategy
Have the flexibility to invest across onshore and offshore CNY and USD China credit market to capture income and growth opportunities

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Think diversification, think China bonds

China bonds can be used as building block to create a diversified fixed income solution that optimises yield while managing volatility.
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