Diversify your portfolio with
multi-asset solutions

Building a well-diversified portfolio by investing in different asset classes is essential in today’s ever changing markets. But the fragmented nature of global capital markets can make it challenging to always pick assets which will be proven to be effective diversifiers.

So what can investors do with their money? One solution could be to seek out additional diversification by investing in funds that have a truly flexible approach to asset allocation.

Our expert asset allocators can call on hundreds of BlackRock’s specialist investment teams from all over the world, as well as the firm’s renowned risk management systems, to deliver the outcomes our clients deserve.

No single asset class can always
be the winner

%Total return class can always be the winner

Asset return chart

Source: Bloomberg, Lipper, as of 31 December 2013. Performance is shown in USD on a NAV to NAV price basis with income reinvested, net of expenses. Equities are represented by FTSE World Index. Fixed income is represented by Citigroup World Government Bond Index. Cash is represented by BofA ML 3-Month T Bill Index.