Invest in Asia With iShares ETFs

Cost-effective, Convenient,
Physical Exposure

iShares provides investors with easy and cost-effective access to Asian equities. Trade in the convenience of the HK stock market with low ongoing costs in HK. Build your portfolio in your choice of HKD, RMB or USD with the convenience of three currency trading counters.

Physical exposure

Physical exposure to Asian benchmarks

  • Invest in major benchmarks with physically replicated ETFs
Cost Effective

Cost-effective beta exposure

  • With low ongoing charges, these funds are cost-effective ways to physically invest in Asian markets.
Local Time-zone Trading

Convenient trading of Asian equities in local time zone

  • Trade Asian equities during HK market hours
Multiple Trading counters

Manage your trading activities on the HKEX in your currency of choice

  • Trade in your preferred trading counter: HKD, RMB and USD