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Enhance your income strategy with
BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund

BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund-
Help achieve the yield you need with a fund that goes beyond the conventional


  • The BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund follows a flexible asset allocation policy that seeks to provide a high level of income. In order to generate high levels of income the Fund will seek diversified income sources across a variety of asset classes, investing significantly in income producing assets such as fixed income transferable securities, including corporate and government issues which may be fixed and floating and may be investment grade, sub-investment grade or unrated, covered call options and preference shares. The Fund will use a variety of investment strategies and may invest globally in the full spectrum of permitted investments including equities, equity-related securities, fixed income transferable securities, units of undertakings for collective investment, cash, deposits and money market instruments. Currency exposure is flexibly managed.
  • The Fund follows a dynamic asset allocation strategy and may incur greater transaction costs when rebalanced periodically. The Fund may invest in debt securities that are subject to actual or perceived ratings downgrade. An increase in interest rates may adversely affect the value of the bonds held by the Fund. The Fund may invest in non-investment grade and unrated bonds that may be subject to higher default, volatility and liquidity risks. The Fund invests in bonds issued or guaranteed by governments or authorities, which may involve political, economic, default or other risks. The Fund's investments in equities could incur significant losses due to higher fluctuation of equity values. The Fund invests in asset/ mortgage backed securities that may be subject to greater credit, liquidity, and interest rate risks and are often exposed to extension and prepayment risks. The Fund's income-generating investment strategy may reduce the potential for capital growth and future income of the Fund.
  • The Fund is subject to risks associated with preference shares , currency risk, emerging market risk, securities lending counterparty risk, currency conversion risk including Renminbi denominated Classes, foreign investments restrictions risk and contingent convertible bonds risk.
  • Class 5(G) Shares pay dividends gross of expenses. Class 6 Shares pay dividends gross of expenses and/or from capital at the Directors’ discretion. Class 8 Shares pay dividends gross of expenses and/or from capital at the Directors’ discretion and include interest rate differentials arising from share class currency hedging. Negative interest rate differentials may decrease the dividends paid. Paying dividends gross of expenses may result in more income being available for distribution; however these shares may effectively pay dividends from capital – may amount to a partial return or withdrawal of an investor’s original investment or capital gains. All declared dividends result in an immediate reduction in the NAV price of the share class on the ex-dividend date.
  • The Fund may use derivatives for hedging and for investment purposes. However, usage for investment purposes will not be extensive. The Fund may suffer losses from its derivatives usage.
  • The value of the Fund can be volatile and can go down substantially within a short period of time. It is possible that a certain amount of your investment could be lost.
  • Investors should not make investment decisions based on this document alone. Investors should refer to the Prospectus and Key Facts Statement for details including risk factors.
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7 Percent

Annualized Yield – A6 USD

3-month average (05/31/2019 to 07/31/2019) dividend yield1 (A6 share class aims to pay a dividend on a monthly basis. Dividend Payment is not guaranteed. The Fund may effectively pay dividend from capital. See important information 4)

High Income
Potential for high income and total return through dynamic allocation
Diversify into complementary income sources with low correlation to traditional asset classes2
Flexibility to adjust the Fund’s asset allocation based on changing market opportunities and conditions
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Today's income challenge

With ongoing low interest rates and below average yields, finding attractive income is no longer as easy as it once was before the financial crisis.

Investors need to find new income sources to complement what they already own. BlackRock Dynamic High Income Fund allocates across asset classes that are complementary to and less commonly held in existing income strategies, and has the potential to provide higher yields and add meaningful diversification to your portfolio.


Explore Complementary
Asset Classes

Complementary asset classes have the potential to deliver higher yields, as well as capital appreciation, and their low correlation2 to more traditional asset classes can provide meaningful diversification to your portfolio.

Covered Call Writing

Exposure to stocks where an investor earns a premium today for selling away some amount of that stock’s future upside.

Floating Rate Loans

Exposure to corporate loans through securities which have lower exposure to interest rate changes due to floating rate structure.

Mortgage-Backed Securities

Non-Agency Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
Securities issued privately by banks and other financial institutions (not government entities) which are backed by residential properties.

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)
Securities backed by commercial property exposure such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, etc.

Preferred Stock

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Hybrid securities which offer features of debt (fixed payout) and equity (potential to appreciate in price) Real estate securities that must pay out >90% of their earnings as dividends to investors.

Trust in BlackRock to Uncover Unique Income Opportunities

In BlackRock, clients come first. It is why we have built a family of multi-asset income strategies to provide the breadth of solutions to meet different specific needs.

Investing in complementary income sources require expertise. Expertise not only in asset allocation and security selection, but also in risk management.

Over 200 multi-asset income experts3
BlackRock is a global leader in income investing. Our dedicated Multi-Asset Income team is responsible for over $32bn AUM globally
24/7 Access to unrivalled insights
As the world’s leading investment manager, our multi-asset resources extend across the entire firm.
Build on BlackRock
Trusted to manage more money than many other investment firms in the world.


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