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  • Weekly market commentary

    27-Nov-2023 | By BlackRock
    We turn more positive on short- to medium-term developed market (DM) sovereign bonds in our latest strategic update. We trim DM stocks to neutral. Learn why.
  • NVIDIA CEO, tech visionary shares AI insights and outlook

    14-Nov-2023 | By BlackRock Fundamental Equities
    BlackRock’s Tony Kim was joined by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang for an insightful conversation on accelerated computing and the future of AI.
  • Should investors rethink their dash to cash?

    14-Sep-2023 | By BlackRock
    We believe most investors are overallocated to cash relative to their long-term goals. How can investors rethink their cash allocations?
  • Investing in a Changing World: From Carburetors to Compilers

    10-Aug-2023 | By Rick Rieder
    Rick Rieder and team argue that thinking about the economy and markets from the perspective of physical property doesn’t make sense in an intellectual property world.
  • Diagnosis: Big opportunity in healthcare stocks

    27-Jul-2023 | By BlackRock Fundamental Equities
    Healthcare stocks may offer both resilience and growth amid macroeconomic turbulence. Dr. Erin Xie answers the big questions facing healthcare investors today
  • H2 2023 Thematic Outlook

    11-Jul-2023 | By Thematics
    Supply chain reshoring, investment in transition, and opportunity in volatility are key themes we believe will drive markets forward. See our thematic outlook.
  • Opportunity in innovation: H2 2023 Technology Outlook

    11-Jul-2023 | By Fundamental Equities
    Generative artificial intelligence, operational efficiency, and reshoring of pivotal technologies are three themes driving the technology sector. Learn more.
  • How AI is transforming investing

    15-Jun-2023 | By Systematic Investing
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has garnered widespread attention with the public launch of ChatGPT. Learn how these same technologies can be used in investing.
  • Navigating a trilemma

    21-Apr-2023 | By Systematic Investing
    BlackRock’s equity market experts reveal what is driving their Q2 2023 outlook and stock market forecasts amid increased macroeconomic and market uncertainty.
  • Taking Stock: Q2 2023 Equity Market Outlook

    22-Mar-2023 | By Tony DeSpirito
    An early-year rally lost steam, but Equity CIO Tony DeSpirito takes the long view on stocks and offers 3 ideas for amping up quality amid uncertainty.
  • 3 catalysts for technology stocks in 2023

    08-Mar-2023 | By Reid Menge
    Are technology stocks set for more pain or renewed gains in 2023? BlackRock Fundamental Equities investor Reid Menge weighs in with 3 investment themes.
  • Nothing artificial about investment opportunity in generative AI

    21-Feb-2023 | By BlackRock
    The greatest technological innovation since the smartphone is here, says active equity investor Reid Menge. He discusses the opportunity in generative AI.
  • Yields are back, but could rise further

    10-Feb-2023 | By BlackRock
    Recent optimism around a soft landing may be premature. Learn about how we view current market pricing of risks amidst today’s income opportunity set.
  • Where is the Recession?

    27-Jan-2023 | By BlackRock
    As central banks continue the fight against inflation, BlackRock’s equity market experts reveal what is driving their Q1 2023 outlook and stock market forecasts.
  • Will markets return to normal in 2023?

    24-Jan-2023 | By BlackRock
    Good years often occur after bad ones, right? It’s more complicated, Russ Koesterich, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of the Global Allocation team says.
  • Zooming in on Fixed Income in 2023

    29-Dec-2022 | By BlackRock
    Rick Rieder and team argue that return volatility and a "mountain" of rate hikes in 2022 have created a long runway for positive fixed income returns in 2023 and beyond.
  • A Fed pivot shouldn’t signal the all-clear to investors

    14-Dec-2022 | By BlackRock
    Optimism for a Fed pivot is growing in markets following a string of better-than-expected economic data. For income investors, we remain wary of what’s ahead.
  • Rebuilding resilience in 60/40 portfolios

    08-Nov-2022 | By BlackRock
    It’s time to rebuild 60/40 portfolios with alternative sources of diversification and return. Learn how alternative investments create more resilient portfolios
  • Policy Reality Check: Tighter for Longer

    08-Nov-2022 | By BlackRock
    As central banks continue the fight against inflation, BlackRock’s equity market experts reveal what is driving their Q4 2022 outlook and stock market forecasts.
  • China: Looking beyond the party congress

    24-Oct-2022 | By BlackRock
    The composition of China's top leadership points to greater focus on structural reforms and less emphasis on near-term GDP targets
  • Why value has stopped outperforming

    01-Jul-2022 | By BlackRock
    Russ Koesterich, CFA, Managing Director and member of the Global Allocation Team explains why value stocks have gone from market leader to laggard.
  • As rates stabilize, growth stocks may rebound

    24-Jun-2022 | By BlackRock
    Russ Koesterich, CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, and member of the Global Allocation team discusses the criteria for growth stocks to bounce back.
  • Investing through longer and higher inflation

    20-Apr-2022 | By BlackRock
    Expect higher inflation to be the key market driver for some time. Russ Koesterich, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager explains how to prepare.
  • Bonds as a hedge? It depends

    24-Mar-2022 | By BlackRock
    Russ Koesterich, CFA, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for BlackRock’s Global Allocation Fund explains why and when bond hedging may work. Read more now.
  • Not dead yet: The case for stocks, while lowering risk

    25-Feb-2022 | By BlackRock
    Portfolio Manager and Managing Director, Russ Koesterich discusses the recent volatility and how the bull market foundation is still intact.
  • China’s needed productivity revolution

    09-Sep-2021 | By BlackRock
    Among the most dramatic illustrations of the turbocharged transformations theme is what is happening in the market for Chinese corporate debt.
  • Asia insights

    01-Jun-2021 | By BlackRock
    Among the most dramatic illustrations of the turbocharged transformations theme is what is happening in the market for Chinese corporate debt.
  • Looking forward from the future

    04-Mar-2021 | By BlackRock
    Explore the on-demand content from our flagship virtual summit in July, where BlackRock leaders were joined by policymakers and industry experts.
  • Staying on track in a world of change

    04-Mar-2021 | By BlackRock
    Highlights from our start-of-the-year webcast, with investors looking at deployment and investment themes in real assets, credit and private equity.
  • Winds of change: How to invest in renewables today

    04-Mar-2021 | By BlackRock
    The coronavirus shock is accelerating structural and portfolio trends in favor of renewables, with portfolio resilience stemming from three key features.
  • GTAA: An overlooked driver of long-term performance

    04-Mar-2021 | By BlackRock
    : A GTAA investment framework is set apart by its uncorrelated return profile, financial instrument breadth, and forward-looking application of alternative data.
  • Navigating the beta gap

    31-Aug-2020 | By BlackRock
    Multi-asset strategies offer dynamic asset allocation, reduced reliance on market beta and access to a broader opportunity set to achieve investment outcomes.
  • Today’s alternatives landscape through a portfolio-construction lens

    13-May-2020 | By BlackRock
    Private markets have shifted amid the COVID turmoil, underscoring the value of looking across asset classes and thoughtful, risk-managed portfolio construction.
  • Why private equity secondaries may soon pick up

    15-Apr-2020 | By BlackRock
    If past crises are to provide guidance, we are likely to see a significant increase in private equity secondary market transactions in the months ahead.
  • Sustainable investing: active equities

    22-Aug-2019 | By BlackRock
    Sustainable investing is going mainstream. BlackRock’s Systematic Active Equity team discusses the need to dig deep to see beyond headline ESG scores.
  • Geopolitical risk dashboard

    01-Aug-2019 | By BlackRock
    Explore our Geopolitical Risk Dashboard tracking our global risk index and top 10 geopolitical risks along with their potential impact on markets.
  • 2019 Mid-year Asia investment outlook

    25-Jun-2019 | By BlackRock
    What are the key trends for Asian markets and how do they help shape our equity and fixed income views?
  • Bonds are back

    20-Feb-2019 | By BlackRock
    We see bonds making a comeback - amid higher U.S. interest rates, a slowing but growing U.S. economy and a pause in the Federal Reserve's tightening cycle.
  • Heat is on for tech stocks amid U.S.-China cold war

    09-Nov-2018 | By BlackRock
    In the market for consumer stocks? Read why it's important to be discerning.
  • China: Quality over quantity

    20-Jun-2018 | By BlackRock
    The BlackRock Investment Institute launches an interactive tool to get a better handle on the economic growth outlook as well as a topical Global Macro Outlook.
  • Italy: populist undercurrents

    07-Mar-2018 | By BlackRock
    View the BlackRock Investment Institute’s take on Italy's election results, including implications for regional markets.
  • The stock swoon in context

    07-Feb-2018 | By BlackRock
    View the BlackRock Investment Institute’s take on the early February stock swoon, including why investors should take the long view.
  • Weathering Uncertain Markets

    Guidance for investors looking to protect their portfolios amid market uncertainty outlining some simple rules and strategies to help prepare for volatility
  • Policy revolution

    An historic monetary and fiscal policy agenda is underway. We see that without the proper guardrails major risks lie ahead. Explore our thinking on the topic.
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  • Beware of bogus calls, messages, emails and mobile apps

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  • Market plunge: This is not 2008

    Market moves have been compounded by oil prices plunging more than 20% as an OPEC pact to stabilize prices unraveled. Read why investors should remain calm.
  • Express a tactical view

    Tactical investment solutions are used for investing more specialised asset classes to boost investment return. For more information please click here.
  • Global Real Assets Outlook 2020

    BlackRock’s Real Assets team examines key themes for investors in 2020: a slowing cycle, accelerating change and the relative attractiveness of the asset class.