Our 2023 Global Outlook: A new investment playbook

The new regime of greater economic and market volatility is not going away – and it requires a new investment playbook. In our 2023 Global Outlook, we discuss three new investment themes: Pricing the damage, Rethinking bonds, and Living with inflation. Read the full report for details, charts, and investment implications.

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2023 Global Outlook

The Bid podcast
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2023 Global Outlook

What does 2023 have in store for investors? Wei Li, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist, and Vivek Paul Head of Portfolio Research join Oscar Pulido to look ahead to the key themes for 2023

Building resilience into ETF portfolios

What is risk-adjusted return and how could it help you calculate risk?

Understand how risk-adjusted return is calculated and how it could help investors manage market volatility and improve long-term performance.

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