BlackRock empowers more investors with Voting Choice

BlackRock is further expanding the opportunity for certain institutional clients to participate in voting decisions following the successful launch of the BlackRock Voting Choice initiative at the start of 2022.

The expansion of the program reflects our commitment to providing clients with the industry’s broadest range of solutions that help them meet their investment objectives, our continued investment in technology, and our ambition to democratize participation in financial markets.

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The Bid

Larry Fink on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a massive humanitarian crisis and sent ripple effects across the global economy. Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, discusses how this economic war is affecting existing supply chain disruptions, inflation and globalization.

The Bid podcast /
The Bid podcast /
Larry Fink on the Russia-Ukraine conflict
Building resilience into ETF portfolios

Russia-Ukraine crisis shakes markets, stay focused on the long-term

Staying invested and seeking resilience can help investors navigate the volatility in the markets driven by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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