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Seeking income with equities

Dividend paying stocks may be an attractive way to diversify sources of income and potentially generate more yield in today’s low interest rate environment.

Why iShares for dividends

Our new iShares Core MSCI Quality Dividend Index ETFS can be important building blocks for a portfolio. These funds provide several potential benefits by employing an index methodology that selects high paying dividend stocks with quality fundamentals.

Low cost Management fees Low cost
Management fees from 10 to 20 basis points
High Yield Stocks High Yield
Stocks with a dividend yield of at least 1.3x the market average
Consistent dividend growth Consistent dividend growth
Must have steady or increasing dividends
Strong financials Strong financials
Chooses companies with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings, which means they have the potential to continue dividends overtime.
Avoid value traps Avoid value traps
Screens out companies with severe negative price momentum

Dividends are becoming an increasingly important part of client portfolios.

Pat Chiefalo, Head of the Canadian iShares business

Consider a more active approach

iShares Dynamic Active ETFs are a suite of income-seeking solutions that combine the high conviction portfolio management of Dynamic Funds with the proven operational expertise of BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited.

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Don’t forget preferred shares

Worried about higher interest rates? Canada’s preferred share market includes a large portion of rate reset preferred shares that have typically done best in an environment of stable or rising rates.

iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF