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Define goals and investment profile

Your Goals. Worksheet
Ask what’s important
Everyone’s goals are different. Complete our Your Wealth. Your Goals. worksheet together to better understand her goals and establish trust.
Align to a portfolio
Align to a portfolio
Once you know her goals, work together to create an investment roadmap to stay aligned in the long run. Use our Investment Policy Worksheet to get started.

Ensure she’s invested

BLK Portfolio pie
Start with asset allocation
Many women are un- or underinvested. Discuss the roles of the different investments in her portfolio and how the portfolio aligns to why she is investing.
Consider investing with purpose
Sustainable investing is about investing in better ways of doing business. It recognizes that companies solving the world’s challenges may be best positioned for growth.

Coach through life changes

Even the best financial plans can be thrown a curveball. These worksheets can help you cut through the confusion and ensure your clients stay on track.
Protect your wealth
As investors age, it becomes critical to have financial plans and legal documents in place. Ensure your clients’ wishes are known, documented and safeguarded.
Life after loss
The loss of a spouse can leave both emotional and financial scars. Empathetically help your clients navigate this difficult time.
Life after divorce
Divorce is challenging. Help your clients take the best next steps to reestablish financial independence.
Adviser Centre
Explore a range of articles, videos and webinars about topics that matter to you and your clients. We work with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) to link these resources with professional development opportunities.
Cacti pots
Putting your clients money to work
Empower your clients to invest and save over a lifetime, so that they have what they need – from meeting immediate expenses, saving for retirement to spending down savings.
Retirement couple
CPD Learning Centre
Explore our CPD accredited library, to learn more about Sustainability, ETF Education, Equities & Income
Business ties
Model Portfolios
Clients see you as a partner on their journey to wealth and well-being. Help get them to where they need to be and save valuable time in the process with iShares ETF Model Portfolios. Total portfolio management at a low cost.

Our latest Market Insights

Explore our insights library for the latest market insights and commentary.

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