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Adviser resources

Helping you serve your clients

BlackRock is committed to helping you evolve your business and enrich the conversations you have with your clients. Our range of adviser resources and tools are designed to help you achieve your client’s financial goals, while you grow your business.

Model Evaluator tool

BlackRock’s Model Evaluator will allow you to find and compare our range of model portfolios and assess them across characteristics, risk profiles and performance. You will also be able to add your own branding to the regular performance and rebalance commentary, to help in your on-going client conversations.
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Request access to adviser resources

Gain access to exclusive resources designed for financial professionals, including:

  • sophisticated tools to evaluate portfolios
  • downloadable resources for your clients
  • grow your business with practice management insights
  • earn CPD hours with on-demand education modules.
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Adviser Education

Resources to help you grow your business

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Build your business
BlackRock’s Practice Management supports financial advisers to grow and scale their business, enhance their value proposition and engage new clients.
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Continuing professional development
Our CPD-accredited workshops and webinars discuss trends, tools and techniques for managing your client’s portfolio and growing your business.

Our latest market commentary and insights

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From market updates to perspectives from industry experts, we have a suite of newsletters to make sure we're delivering you insights most relevant to you. Let us know what you’re interested in.
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