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Shining dawn: Gold

Find out why we think gold merits a place in your portfolio and why gold returns, after remaining range bound in the wake of volatility.

A tale of two journeys: Australia and the U.S.

In this article we will look at the rate rises in the U.S. and Australia, and what investors should be considering in the current economic climate.

Investment insights: Revisiting currency risk

In this article we will look at recent U.S. dollar strength, the impact this has on an Australian investing in U.S. equities and the benefits of hedging USDAUD exposure at this point in time.

Investment insights: Healthcare and global infrastructure

Healthcare and infrastructure are among the top picks as we look for sectors that are not just compelling in the current macro climate but also primed to benefit from persistent growth drivers for decades to come.

Flow & Tell: Winter 2023 standout ETF flows

We round up highlight flows over the winter months, noting a preference for diversified equity exposures and a pronounced shift from long to short duration allocations in fixed income portfolios.

10 standout ETF flows that defined the first half of 2023

The past six months delivered a liquidity crunch on three regional bank failures, a debt ceiling debacle, and the prospect of even higher interest rates. What was the result?

Japan: on the cusp of a new dawn

Find out why Japanese equities currently offer both tactical upside and the potential for a long-term strategic allocation.

Demystifying index providers

An index is designed to represent and measure the performance of a specific market, asset class, sector, or investment strategy. In this series we dive deep into the S&P/ASX 200.

Put cash to work with short-term bond ETFs

Looking to get more out of your cash? Consider cash ETFs or short-duration bond ETFs.

iShares Autumn 2023 Investment Directions

If 2021 was the year of the inflation shock and 2022 the year of the rate shock, 2023 so far has been the year of the volatility shock - especially in fixed income markets.

Factor Investing explained

Global markets are made up of dozens of asset classes and millions of individual securities, but there are a few important drivers that can help explain returns across asset classes – these are known as Factors.


How iShares ETFs and index products can enable millions of first-time millennial investors to plan for their financial futures.

The ETF ecosystem

Answers to common questions about ETFs

It’s time to think sustainability

See how sustainable ETFs and index funds give investors the clarity they need to build sustainable portfolios.