Interactive charts

Our interactive charts enable investors to go deep on markets, geopolitics and economics, and quickly zero in on the information they need.

Geopolitical risk dashboard
Track our top 10 geopolitical risks and their potential impact on markets.
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Macroeconomic dashboard
Where will global growth trend over the long term? We provide our expectations for growth, inflation and financial conditions for key economies.
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Capital market assumptions
Our capital market assumptions show our return expectations across asset classes. For professional investors only.
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U.S. recession? Not quite. We think the current cycle has more room to run.
Contrast 15 emerging markets across performance, valuation and
economic indicators.
Explore which style factors are embedded in popular stock
market indexes.
Compare outstanding debt levels versus economic development for a range of economies through time.
Gauge the health of global employment markets across key metrics, and trace before and after the financial crisis.