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Interactive investment charts

Our interactive charts enable investors to go deep on markets, geopolitics and economics, and quickly zero in on the information they need.

Geopolitical risk dashboard

Track our top geopolitical risks and their potential impact on markets.
BlackRock geopolitical risk dashboard

Capital market assumptions

Our capital market assumptions show our return expectations across asset classes. For professional investors only.
Capital markets assumptions

Harnessing mega forces

The new regime of greater macro and market volatility is being shaped by big structural forces. These mega forces impact the growth and inflation outlook in decades to come – and create seismic shifts in profitability across economies and sectors today.
Mega forces illustration
Emerging markets marker icon
Emerging markets marker
Contrast emerging markets across performance, valuation and economic indicators.
Return map icon
Return map
Explore asset returns over the last 10-years with our interactive return map.

Focus chart

Aging generally poses a bigger challenge for developed markets than emerging markets. The working-age population in high-income economies is set to fall in coming years, whereas it’s poised to jump in low-income economies. Read more about the demographic divergence megaforce.