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Women, Wealth and Wellbeing

Empower women to define what wealth means to them, make sense of financial headlines and build their financial foundation.

Women in Australia are gaining power

Women in Australia are building their wealth and power. Research reveals ongoing progress in enhancing the social standing of women when compared with male counterparts.

of all employed persons in Australia are women
of new appointments to ASX 200 boards are women
of domestic university students are women

Sources: Australian Government Workplace Equality Agency, The Australian Bureau of Statistics, Gender Indicators, Parliament of Australia. 2023 

Women are acquiring more wealth than ever before

As women wield more financial power, more knowledge is needed to make educated financial choices. However, women have historically been underrepresented in the wealth industry – now there is a greater demand and focus on helping women feel confident with their financial decisions.

The total of global wealth controlled by women1
The amount women are estimated to add to the global wealth pool every year.2

Sources: 1BCG (2022) quoted in Bank of America Institute, The Rising Wealth of Women, March 2024.

2Boston Consulting Group as of December 2019, Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, National Center for Women and Retirement Research

Women still face ongoing challenges

So clearly, women have come a very long way. But it is no secret that they still face a lot of challenges.​
They earn 86 cents per dollar a man earns
Women are still paid less. This accumulates over the course of a woman’s life. And although men make more than women, oddly enough ¾ of purchasing decisions are made by women.
Women tend not to see themselves as investors
Our research shows that many women tend not to see themselves as investors, more as savers. Some even stated they would rather plan their funeral than their finances
Managers are almost twice as likely to be men than women
In Australia, there remains a lack of women in leadership and senior positions. Women are also more likely to make tradeoffs for family, such as career breaks.

Sources: BlackRock People & Money 2020, http://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/people-and-communities/gender-indicators-australia/latest-release

Wealth means something different to everyone

“Wealth" means a lot of different things to different people; for some it means being in a state to have choices, for others, wealth brings to mind images of travel, security, independence, or health. What does it mean to you? Your clients?​

Our mission is to help them think about a few considerations when putting a plan in place, while honouring the fact that each one of us has a unique life journey, unique relationship with money and investing. ​

We want to make sure that we’re setting up the plan to help them reach their future goals.

Support family
Support family
Pursue creative interests
Pursue creative interests
Focus on wellness
Focus on wellness
Volunteer and donate
Volunteer and donate

How can you help your clients?

Define goals and investment profile

Ask what's important
Ask what's important
Everyone’s goals are different. Work together with your client to better understand her goals and establish trust.
Align to a portfolio
Align to a portfolio
Once you know her goals, work together to create an investment roadmap to stay aligned in the long run.

Ensure she's invested

Ask what's important
Start with asset allocation
Many women are un- or underinvested. Discuss the roles of the different investments in her portfolio and how the portfolio aligns to why she is investing.
Consider investing with purpose
Sustainable investing is about investing in better ways of doing business. It recognizes that companies solving the world’s challenges may be best positioned for growth.

Supporting a better retirement should start with well-being

Strengthen your value proposition, foster stronger client relationships and help plan more purposeful and meaningful retirements for your clients by reframing retirement discussions around wellbeing.
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