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Global Investment Outlook - Midyear 2016

Markets are torn between anxiety over the fallout from the UK’s vote to exit the European Union and the prospect of a strengthening U.S. economy. What’s in store for the second half? The BlackRock Investment Institute provides a roadmap.

UK vote: Out of Europe

The United Kingdom’s momentous decision to leave the European Union (EU) brings long-lasting political and economic consequences. We think the vote will lead to declines in global shares and other risk assets. Yet indiscriminate selling could spark opportunities.

Global Investment Outlook - Roadmap for 2016

Fears of global recession hit markets hard at the start of the year. Yet the anxiety has waned. What’s in store for investors in the quarter ahead? Our new global chief investment strategist and leading BlackRock portfolio managers provide a roadmap.

Weathering Uncertain Markets

Managing investments has always been challenging. Use lessons from the past to position portfolios for the future.

Climbing China's Great Wall of Worry

China’s economic growth model is looking out of date, debt is piling up and capital outflows are rising. What’s next for the world’s second-largest economy?

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