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It’s time to think sustainably

Expect more from iShares ESG ETFs.

Sustainable investing is about investing in progress. Recognising that companies with a more sustainable approach to business may be in the best position to grow.

At BlackRock, we’re committed to making sustainable investing as straight forward as traditional investing.

Whether you seek to eliminate exposure to controversial business activities or prioritise investing in companies that embrace high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, we’ve created a simple ESG solution for Australian investors.

Expect more when you partner with iShares, the world’s leading sustainable ETF issuer.
Let us help you create a more sustainable portfolio, built for the long term with ETFs.

Sustainable investing is about investing in progress. It's about recognizing that the companies solving the biggest challenges that are out in the world today may be the best position to grow. It's about pioneering new ways of doing business and creating the momentum to encourage more people to opt into a sustainable future.

We believe that a tectonic shift is taking place in the world of investments –Just last year, we saw inflows of 114 Bn AUD into sustainable ETFs globally, and this is just the beginning. There is growing consensus that that sustainability is a persistent driver of returns. Recent extreme climate events, like bushfires, and disruptions brought on by the global pandemic have only served to intensify the demand for sustainable investing.

ETFs are an indispensable tool to investors, providing cost efficient, transparent and liquid access to a range of asset classes and strategies. Now investors can use ESG ETFs to invest responsibly, and allocate their capital towards more sustainable companies. Their transparency ensures that you have a clear line of sight to the companies that you are invested in to, traded on-exchange for ease of access with intra-day liquidity, and all for a low cost. Now you can even learn about how sustainable your ETF is, by looking up the ESG rating, carbon emissions and exposure to areas like controversial weapons, tobacco and fossil fuels directly on the iShares websites.

With iShares ESG ETFs, investors can build a strong foundation for the long term with sustainability, at the core of their portfolio.

Build a strong foundation
with iShares ESG ETFs

Why iShares for ESG

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Backed by BlackRock, iShares is the world’s leading sustainable ETF issuer, with a comprehensive track record in sustainable investing.
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ESG best in class
Prioritising companies that have high ESG ratings relative to their sector peers, to ensure the inclusion of the best-in-class companies.*
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Low cost
Cost effective building blocks allowing you to access the most sustainable companies.

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