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  • iShares ETFs cover a broad range of asset classes, risk profiles and investment outcomes. To understand the appropriateness of these Funds for your investment objective, please visit our product webpages.

    Find out more about iShares ETFs products:

    iShares ETFs cover a broad range of asset classes, risk profiles and investment outcomes. To understand the appropriateness of these Funds for your investment objective, please visit our product webpages.

    Find out more about iShares ETFs products:





Build savings for retirement

For new and experienced investors alike, it’s never been more important to preserve your hard-earned savings to achieve the retirement you want.1

Multi-asset ETFs are a tool to help provide a strong foundation to your SMSF portfolio, either for investors who don’t have the time or the desire to make asset allocation decisions, or those who want a strong foundation from which to start investing.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

The Australian Taxation Office’s latest SMSF data as of June 2023, reveals 30% of all SMSF assets are invested in Australian shares, making it the top asset class invested (by value). This is in comparison to 1.6% invested in overseas shares.

A high concentration in individual stocks can be rewarding but it can also carry significant risks, and is akin to putting many of your eggs in one basket. If Australian shares fall, there is no cushion to soften your losses (or what will be your potential future income).

The chart demonstrates how returns for individual stocks can constantly fluctuate. A measure of risk is the ability to withstand the highs and lows of these investments – if an investor wanted to manage this particular risk, a multi-asset ETF can potentially help.

Performance returns of Top 3 ASX Stocks vs iShares multi-asset ETFs

Performance returns of Top 3 AS Stocks vs iShares Multi-Asset ETFs

Source: Bloomberg, Morningstar 20/10/2023. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.


Diversify your basket by going beyond Aussie shores (and shares!)

iShares multi-asset ETFs are an all-in-one solution that seek to provide investors access to multiple asset classes (equity, fixed income etc.), geographies and sectors, in one single trade.

Multi-asset class investing aims to provide exposure to different asset classes with different characteristics (domestic and international) such that if one asset class performs negatively, the other asset classes could potentially cushion some of those losses.

Single asset class ETFs provide exposure to a particular asset class, such as Australian stocks, global stocks or global bonds, by tracking the performance of a representative index such as the S&P/ASX 200 for Australian stocks.

Multi-asset ETFs provide exposure to multiple asset classes, with the mixture of asset classes managed by BlackRock, using our 30+ year track record of managing multi-asset portfolios in Australia.

Illustration of the structure of Multi-Asset ETFs
Illustration of the structure of IGRO and IBAL

Sometimes, you don’t need to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

These ETFs can be used as a single solution for your SMSF, or used as a foundational exposure to which you can supplement additional investments using other ETFs or stocks.

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In this edition of Macro Minute, Tamara Stats, iShares ETF Specialist, discusses why investors should consider multi-asset ETFs.

Example of the iShares Portfolio Builder Tool



Explore our ETF range and see how it may complement a portfolio that is invested in iShares’ multi-asset ETFs using our portfolio builder.


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Whole Portfolio Solution

A single and simple investing solution in one trade, accessing global equity and bond markets with over 7,000 stocks and bonds in one portfolio.

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Core Exposures

Use IGRO/IBAL as your core portfolio holding within your SMSF, so you can pursue high conviction satellite holdings to complement your portfolio.

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Powered by BlackRock

Benefit from BlackRock’s 30+ years’ experience managing multi-asset portfolios, leveraging our global insight, risk management and portfolio analytics platform.

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iShares has been a leader in the Australian ETF marketplace for more than a decade. As a part of BlackRock, our products are engineered by investment professionals with discipline and deep risk management expertise.

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What are multi-asset ETFs? Multi-asset ETFs – also known as portfolio ETFs - invest in different types of assets such as bonds and equities to create a broadly diversified investment portfolio, all within a single ETF. This is done by investing in a few different ETFs to create an investment portfolio, effectively a fund of ETFs. With just one simple and cost-effective transaction, you can invest in a diversified portfolio across a broad range of asset types that aim for long-term risk-adjusted returns.


How are multi-asset ETFs different from other ETFs? Most ETFs aim to track the performance of a particular index, say the ASX 200. They do this by holding the underlying stocks that make up that index and weighted accordingly. Multi-asset ETFs, on the other hand, tend to be goals focused rather than track the performance of an index. For example, they might look to produce income, generate growth, or give exposure to a broad set of industries or themes that a single ETF may not be able to access.


What investments go into a multi-asset ETF? Putting together a portfolio of ETFs, or any investment portfolio for that matter, broadly depends on two considerations: firstly, what do you want from your investment – growth, or income, or exposure to sustainable investments, for example? And second, what level of risk are you prepared to take for the outcome you want.


As with any investment portfolio, each asset class in the ETF contributes in a different way. Equities primarily focus on capital growth whilst bonds aim to generate an income. The mix of equities and bonds can have a big impact on the long-term returns as well as the level of risk in the portfolio.


Using BlackRock’s proprietary portfolio construction and risk methodology, we’ve built ETFs to provide some income, generate growth or access emerging trends, with an appropriate level of risk. Add to this, many of our multi-asset ETFs are sustainable which means they meet certain environmental, social and governance – or ESG – criteria.


What does sustainable investing and ESG mean?

ESG is the abbreviation for certain criteria relating to the environment (the E), social (the S) and corporate governance (and the G).


We see sustainable investing as the combination of traditional investment approaches with insights into environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. We are convinced that the increasing focus on sustainability will put the spotlight on companies that place ESG factors at the heart of their decisions. Taking ESG insights into account can help investors build more resilient portfolios with less volatile returns.


For more on sustainable investing please refer to our website at


What are the benefits of investing in multi-asset ETFs?


BlackRock’s multi-asset ETFs are simple, diversified, and sustainable. With just one simple transaction, you can get instant diversification across different asset classes. All of BlackRock’s ASX listed multi-asset portfolios are designed to leverage ESG products where available while staying within a given risk profile.


BlackRock’s multi-asset ETFs are built using our proprietary portfolio construction and risk-management processes. This means the ETFs are managed by our expert team to ensure the best possible returns for a pre-defined level of risk.


You can have low-cost access to the financial markets, meaning you keep more of your returns.


To find out more please refer to our website at


Are there any downsides to multi-asset ETFs?

As with any investment you need to make sure a multi-asset ETF is appropriate for you, your circumstances, and the outcomes you want. And like any investment the value can go up as well as down.


To find out more, visit the website at or speak to a financial adviser.


iShares, in collaboration with nabtrade, has launched IGRO and IBAL as part of a suite of iShares ETFs designed for Australian investors.

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We’re proud to have won three Money Magazine Best of the Best Awards 2023.