Time to re-think Asia?

Asia remains one of the fastest growing regions in the world. As rates and engines of growth begin to shift and diverge, investors are once more looking for ways to capture the opportunities offered in the new Asia.

With a host of economic reforms on the horizon for Asia’s largest economies, an ever expanding middle class and an increasingly large choice of industry and market cap available for investment, this could be the ideal time to re-think your Asian investments. Valuations are reasonable across most regional markets, giving investors an attractive entry point ahead of any potential rally.

With a wide range of country specific to pan-regional equity and fixed income funds, BlackRock is your trusted partner to help you gain the exposure to Asia you want. Our experienced teams based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan use their unique insights and investment processes to identify and access the companies they believe are best placed for this investment environment. The use of BlackRock’s world class risk management systems support our portfolios to deliver strong and consistent outperformance.

Reform based solutions to
Asia's challenges

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