Practice Management at the Highest Level

We know financial advisors value and respect the experience of other advisors. This series leverages recent in-depth interviews with some of the nation’s top advisors who wanted to share. The results are insights, advice and concrete tools you can use to help elevate your business.

The Strengths of Fee-based Platforms

We spoke with Eric Stubbs from RBC Wealth Management to learn about how he meets the needs of clients through a discretionary portfolio management approach.

Learn how he serves the needs of clients

Gearing Up for Retirement

Craig Fasano at Sontag Advisory shares his thoughts on helping clients as they prepare for a long and secure retirement.

Learn from his experience in providing sophisticated retirement planning strategies

Building a Culture of Referrals

Michael Riherd of Wells Fargo Advisors reveals his best practice strategies around increasing the growth of his business through referrals.

Learn tips on how to gain the confidence of intermediaries

Broadening the Client Relationship

Bruce Risler at Risler Financial Management shares his perspective on the continued growth of fee-based platforms.

Learn how his approach creates enduring business over time

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