DRIP/PACC/SWP Investment Programs


Given the costs associated with trading, ETFs have not always been best suited for investors looking to continuously reinvest cash distributions received from their portfolio. To address this limitation, BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited has established a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”), allowing investors to easily benefit from compounding their distributions. All iShares Funds listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Neo Exchange  are eligible for the Dividend Reinvestment Plan, provided that their brokerage firm supports participation in the DRIP.

All cash distributions paid on an iShares Fund that is included in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan will be eligible for reinvestment into additional units of the same Fund. Investors may opt into the DRIP by contacting their brokerage. The DRIP allows unitholders to compound their investment through the convenient automatic purchase of additional units without incurring commissions. 


BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited has established a Pre-Authorized Cash Contribution (“PACC Plan”) and a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (“SWP”) to assist investors who are seeking to make regular contributions (such as in a dollar-cost averaging strategy) or regular withdrawals in a cost effective manner. Currently, there are 31 iShares Funds which are eligible for the PACC Plan and SWP. 

The iShares PACC Plan offers convenience to unitholders, allowing unitholders to invest on a regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) basis in an iShares ETF without incurring additional trading commissions, building assets throughout the entire year while getting the potential benefits of dollar cost averaging. 

The iShares SWP allows an existing unitholder of any iShares ETF that is included in the Systematic Withdrawal Plan to sell a fixed amount of money from their holdings of that specific iShares ETF on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, allowing unitholders to access their money exactly when they need it, without worrying about trading commissions. This helps make it easier for investors to carry out their financial plans and meet their goals. 

The ability of investors to enroll in the SWP and PACC Plan depends on the participation of their brokerage firm. Investors should contact their brokerage firm to determine if participation in these plans is supported. Participation in these plans is voluntary and a brokerage may discontinue its participation without notice.

To enroll in the PACC Plan, investors should first contact their brokerage to confirm that participation is supported. Investors should then complete the PACC Enrollment Form and return it to their brokerage, who will complete the enrollment on their behalf. To enroll in the SWP, investors should contact their brokerage.