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The iShares Balanced ESG ETF (IBAL) and iShares High Growth ESG ETF (IGRO) seek to provide investors with a core exposure to a globally diversified, sustainable multi-asset portfolio based on balanced or growth risk considerations. These low-cost multi-asset portfolios invest into iShares building blocks with consideration to their sustainability credentials and aim to hold targeted exposures to companies with favourable ESG characteristics, including a lower carbon footprint relative to their sector peers within the broader market.

Why iShares Multi-Asset ETFs?

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Globally diversified multi-asset portfolios, providing access to over 4,000 stocks and bonds.

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ESG Focused

ESG considerations are incorporated at multiple stages during the portfolio construction process to feature more favourable ESG factors.

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Powered by BlackRock

BlackRock’s 30+ year experience managing multi-asset portfolios, leverages our global insight, risk management and portfolio analytics.

Our triple layered approach to ESG

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Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

Determine asset class universe and evaluate the impact of annual efficient frontier changes through due consideration to BlackRock’s Climate-Aware Capital Market Assumptions.

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SAA Implementation

Access liquid, sustainable investment options in each asset class that, where possible, adopt exclusionary screens.

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Engaging and proxy voting with companies in the portfolio

Portfolios benefit from local and global BlackRock Stewardship teams who engage with company management, perform proxy voting and seek to drive positive corporate change from within a firm.

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Not all ETFs are created equal

We’re proud to have won three Money Magazine Best of the Best Awards 2023.

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