Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to address commonly asked questions and provide a quick reference guide.

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQs or seek further clarity of an item that is, please contact BlackRock directly on 1300 366 100.

Contacting BlackRock

  • How can I communicate with you?

    By telephone or facsimile: Faxed requests are acceptable.

    BlackRock Australia Client Services Centre
    Telephone: 1300 366 100
    Facsimile: 1300 366 107

    BlackRock Australia Institutional Clients and Consultants – please contact your Relationship Manager or the BlackRock Australia Client Services Centre.

    By letter: You can submit your question/request in writing to:

    BlackRock Client Services Centre
    GPO Box 225
    Melbourne VIC 3001


    BlackRock Client Services Centre
    Level 26
    101 Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

BlackRock Accounts Online password

  • Q. How do I register for BlackRock Accounts Online?

    To register for BlackRock Accounts Online go to and select ‘New User’ link to begin the registration process. Following your initial registration you will receive an activation link to verify your email. This link is live for 5 days following receipt of the email. If you have not activated your account within 5 days, you will be prompted to reset your activation. Following confirmation of your email you will be redirected to proceed with your registration.

    Alternatively if you are a financial adviser please contact our Client Service Team on 1300 366 100 to register for the website.

  • What does a password allow me to do?

    Using your password, you can log into the BlackRock Accounts Online site to view the details of your BlackRock account.

How to make additional investments

  • Can I make additional, one-off payments?

    Yes. If you are invested in a fund or funds that allow for direct debit payments, you can make one-off payments this way, provided you have completed a Direct Debit Request Form.

    Alternatively, you can also make additional investments into a fund by providing us with your instruction in writing (including via facsimile) and depositing the application monies via direct credit into the fund's application account (please refer to the relevant fund's application form for details of the fund's application account or call our Client Services Centre for further information).  Your written instruction must include your Investor Number, the name of the fund, the amount you wish to invest, notification that you will be sending your application monies via direct credit and the signature(s) of the authorised account signatories.

    Additional investments are made on the basis of a fund's current offer document.  A copy of the current offer document for each fund (and, if applicable, any information incorporated by reference) is available free of charge from our website or upon request from our Client Services Centre or your financial adviser.

  • Can I add to my investment by credit card or cheque?


Redeeming your investment

  • What is the quickest way to redeem my investment?

    You may request to withdraw some or all of your BlackRock fund investments at any time, while that fund is liquid by providing a redemption notice in writing (including by facsimile) to BlackRock in a form approved by BlackRock.

    Redemption requests will be processed in accordance with each Fund’s redemption procedures, as set of in each Fund’s offer document. A copy of the current offer document (and, where applicable, incorporation by reference) for each of BlackRock’s Funds is available free of charge from our website or upon request from our Client Services Centre or from your financial adviser.

  • Can I redeem partial funds from my investment?

    Yes. You may redeem part of your investment(s) at any time. To keep your investment open, you must leave a minimum amount in your investment that is no less than the minimum application amount.

  • How are the proceeds paid?

    Redemption payments must be paid into your nominated Australian domiciled bank account. If you wish to change your nominated bank account details with us, please provide your new bank account details on the redemption notice. BlackRock will not make payments from its funds by cheque. Additionally, for security reasons BlackRock will not pay proceeds from your account to third parties.


  • Why have I been paid Capital Gains when I haven't sold any of my units?

    When the fund managers sell shares in a portfolio, profits from the sale of those shares (after CPI adjustment) must be distributed to unit holders, otherwise the fund has to pay tax.

  • Why are some income distributions smaller than others?

    Traditionally, share market fund income distributions are bigger in June and December than the September and March distributions. This is because most companies pay their dividends in the December and June quarters. Any realised Capital Gains must be distributed to unit holders by the end of the financial year in which they were received. However, if shares in a portfolio are sold (which can occur in any quarter), it may significantly increase the size of an income distribution, as this necessitates that capital gains be distributed.

  • What are franking credits?

    Franking credits represent the tax paid on franked dividends by companies in which the portfolio owns shares. Since tax has already been paid on the dividends received by the fund, unit holders may claim a credit for this amount in their tax return. We recommend you speak to your tax adviser if you have further questions about tax and franking credits.

  • How are distribution payments paid?

    You can request to have distribution payments reinvested as additional units, or automatically deposited to your nominated Australian domiciled bank account. BlackRock will no longer distribute income to clients in the form of a cheque from 1 February 2015.

    If you do not indicate a distribution payment option on your Application Form, all your income distributions will automatically be reinvested as additional units in the fund in which you are invested, based on the NAV per unit applicable at the end of the distribution period, adjusted for the distribution payable (if any) in relation to that period.

    If payment of any distribution to your nominated bank account is unsuccessful and we are not able to contact you to confirm your bank account details, your unsuccessful distribution payment (and any future distribution payments) will be reinvested as additional units in the fund in which you are invested, until such time as when you provide us with written instruction of your preferred distribution option and updated bank account details.

    For further information about distributions from the fund in which you are invested please refer to the fund’s offer document. A copy of the current offer document (and, where applicable, incorporation by reference) for each of BlackRock’s funds is available from our website or free of charge upon request from our Client Services Centre or from your financial adviser.

Deceased Estates

  • What is the process for Deceased Estates?

    Where possible, please contact the BlackRock Australia Client Services Centre via email so we may provide you with BlackRock ‘s requirements as these may vary according to particular circumstances.

    BlackRock Australia Client Services Centre

    If you do not have access to email please call 1300 366 100

Website Security

  • Encryption

    Our Web Servers use a 256-bit Server ID (also known as a "digital certificate") issued by Entrust (

    The Server ID offers peace of mind to our members, as it provides authoritative proof that the Web site is owned and operated by BlackRock.

    It also works in tandem with our encryption software to ensure that when you log into our BlackRock Accounts Online web site all communications are secured using "best of breed" cryptography.

  • Firewalls

    We share your concern for privacy and confidentiality. That is why our internal databases and systems are protected by layers of firewalls. Our firewalls are upgraded regularly and we maintain strict control over firewall rules to ensure we can counter current threats.

    The degree of security offered by our internal and external firewalls means that the risk of unauthorised access to our database is minimised.

  • What are Cookies?

    A "cookie" is a small text file sent by a web site to your computer's hard disk to store limited, internal information so that it can be retrieved by the web site later.

    We use cookies as part of our security system. Access to the BlackRock Accounts Online web site is restricted to registered members. When you complete the login process, a cookie is set confirming that you are authorised to access the BlackRock Accounts Online web site.

    If you disable cookies, you will not be able to access pages on the BlackRock Accounts Online web site.