Invest sustainably with BlackRock

Sustainable investing:
responsible returns

There is growing demand – and greater opportunity – for investments to combine a positive social and environmental impact with good financial results. BlackRock Impact brings together the best of BlackRock to help you find investments that can deliver both a positive social impact and meet your financial goals.


Our approach

Thanks to our international platform and the strength of BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager*, you can benefit from our expertise and solutions on three key sustainable investing segments: Exclusionary screens, ESG factors and impact targets.

Sustainable Investing

*Based on $5.1 trillion in AUM as of 12/31/16

Why BlackRock for
responsible returns?

BlackRock Impact aims to make sustainable investing transparent and accessible. You can benefit from the best of BlackRock: our uncompromising responsibility towards our investors, world-class analytic resources and a worldwide network, in which large companies, governments and institutions around the world put their trust.

  • Increasing transparency

    By taking advantage of our industry thought leadership.

    We help set standards of reporting and transparency for sustainable investments by engaging with companies and market participant.

  • Making it measurable

    By capitalizing on our proprietary analytical platform.

    Our models help where data is not publicly available. We can then focus on both the social and financial returns of our investments so clients can better understand how their money is being put to work.

  • Uncovering value

    By leveraging our collective market intelligence.

    Our team of more than a thousand investment professionals around the world enables us to identify sectors, companies and innovations that will drive long-term value.

  • Aligning

    By deploying our institutional-quality portfolio construction expertise.

    We help clients match the most promising opportunities to their obligations and goals - both social and financial.