• Barrel wave

    A review of 2022 ETP flows

    Global ETPs saw $867B of net inflows in 2022 – second only to 2021’s record levels ($1.29T).
  • Hedge rows

    November ETP Flows

    Headline flows into global ETPs dropped MoM to $74.8B in November, from $121.0B in October.
  • Diving next to continental shelfs

    October 2022 ETP flow trends

    Asset allocation conviction returned in October, with $111.5B of inflows into global ETPs – triple the amount added in September, and the first time since March that monthly ETP flows have surpassed $100B.
  • Waves breaking on beach

    September 2022 ETP Flow trends

    Global flows into ETPs fell to $35.9B in September, down from $51.2B in August, driven by a halving of fixed income buying ($12.0B in September vs. $23.3B in August).
  • ocean meets river

    August 2022 ETP flow trends

    Global ETP flows inched higher in August, with $49.4B added, up from $46.9B in July.
  • Coloured candy in jars.

    July 2022 ETP flow trends

    Flows into global ETPs inched higher in July, with $44.2B added, almost half of this coming in the last week of the month.
  • Multi-colored straws

    June 2022 ETP flow trends

    Global ETP Flows have fallen MoM from $86.6B in May to $36.2B in June, with the drop in headline flows attributable to fixed income and commodities.
  • May ETP Flows

    May 2022 ETP flow trends

    Flows into rates ETPs set a monthly record in May ($26B), building on the month-on-month momentum we’ve seen since February and eclipsing the previous record of $18.5B set in December 2018.
  • colorful staircases

    April 2022 ETP flow trends

    Monthly allocations to global ETPs fell to their lowest level since March 2020 in April, with just $27.4B of inflows, down from $117.4B in March.
  • green landscape

    March 2022 ETP flow trends

    Given Europe’s proximity to the conflict in Ukraine, European equity flows turned negative in March for the first time since October 2020, with the largest outflows since August 2019.
  • Yellow blocks

    February 2022 ETP flow trends

    After building momentum over January and into the first week of the month, investors started to turn negative on European equities from mid-February – prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – although flows remained positive overall.
  • Colorful hats

    November 2021 ETP flow trends

    Global flows into ETPs fell to $86.5B in November, down from $114.2B in October, with propensity for risk dropping off towards the end of the month as Omicron-related concerns hit the tape.
  • colorful tissues

    October 2021 ETP flow trends

    Global ETP buying rebounded in October to the highest level since June, with $113.0B of inflows, up from $86.7B in September.