Inflation and Recession

The new regime of greater economic and market volatility is playing out. Central banks’ singular focus on inflation deepens our conviction they will overtighten policy in the near term – and cause economic damage that markets are underappreciating. We keep portfolio risk low as recessions loom, and launch euro-denominated investment views.

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2022: A Stock Market Outlook By The Generations

The Bid podcast
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2022: A Stock Market Outlook By The Generations

2022 has been a year to forget as far as investing goes, and in this episode of The Bid, host Will Su brings together two investors from different generations to examine the factors shaping the outlook for the U.S. stock market from their different vantage points and experience. Joining Will are Tony DeSpirito, CIO of U.S. Fundamental Equities, and Caroline Bottinelli, Co-Portfolio Manager from our U.S. Growth team.

Building resilience into ETF portfolios

What is risk-adjusted return and how could it help you calculate risk?

Understand how risk-adjusted return is calculated and how it could help investors manage market volatility and improve long-term performance.

BlackRock au Canada
BlackRock offre un éventail de solutions à l’intention des institutions, des spécialistes de la finance et des particuliers dans le monde entier. Au Canada, BlackRock a aidé des gens à prendre en main leur sécurité financière, qu’il s’agisse d’employés de magasins de quartier, d’organisations nationales ou d’organismes sans but lucratif.
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