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Opportunities for Advisors post CRM2*

A new era of transparency

For advisors building or implementing a new fee-based business model post-CRM2, we’re here to help.

Canadian advisors have entered a new regulatory environment, where reporting and transparency requirements have levelled the playing field with clients and with other advisors. With the work of implementing CRM2 behind them, advisors can now focus on the opportunities the new environment presents.

Enhance your value proposition

At BlackRock, we believe that greater clarity in reporting helps advisors build stronger relationships with clients, because it encourages conversations about the value of advice and how it positively affects the investing experience. It’s now easier for clients to make comparisons across investments, which provides an opportunity for advisors to differentiate themselves and the value of their services.

The move to fee-based business

One way many advisors are responding is by adopting a fee-based business model. Whether you have already transitioned your business to fee-based, are in the process of doing so or are considering it, BlackRock can help. Our iShares ETFs offer advisors and their clients not only the efficiency, liquidity and transparency for which iShares is known, but also a wide range of low-cost options to suit almost any investing strategy. As well, we provide advisors with a host of value-added services and tools focused on portfolio construction, risk analysis and market insights.


Partner with iShares by BlackRock

A new era of transparency has arrived, but it is still evolving. Other potential regulatory enhancements, especially around embedded commissions and fiduciary standards, are under discussion. BlackRock is committed to supporting advisors as they respond to this evolving environment and take advantage of its opportunities.

If you have recently moved to a fee-based model or are considering switching to fee-based for your practice, your iShares wholesaler can offer guidance through our Portfolio Consulting Services platform.