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Not all ETFs are created equal

Expect more with iShares ETFs

What we do

Championing investor progress has been at the heart of our mission from the beginning.

Everything we do is about empowering investors so they can take control of their financial futures.

To us, being champion of the investor means constantly challenging ourselves to improve, providing unmatched, high quality service.

We’re not the only ETF provider but just because things share a name, it doesn’t make them equal.

Expect more with iShares ETFs so that you can achieve better outcomes for your client's portfolio.

So, think an ETF is an ETF is an ETF? Think again.

Why iShares ETFs?

iShares funds are powered by BlackRock, who are trusted to manage more money than any other investment firm.
With portfolio engineers monitoring 25+ metrics 24/7, iShares ETFs are not developed with haste.
Maximise your portfolio potential with our BlackRock Portfolio Analysis and Solution Teams (BPAS).
Sustained performance
Sustained Performance
iShares ETFs are reliable and perform as designed.

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