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Why iShares Model Portfolios?

Scale and simplify your practice
The use of only low-cost iShares ETFs as underlying holdings provides investors the potential to manage costs more efficiently.
Professional Investment
BlackRock monitors each portfolio, and utilizes the best in risk management analytics to understand risks and return trade-offs.

Understand our model portfolio investment philosophy

Managing Risk

BlackRock builds portfolios for some of the worlds largest institutional investors using Aladdin, its proprietary risk management technology that rigorously examines many of the risk factors inherent in portfolio construction. iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolios benefits from this thorough analysis because whether you are an individual saving for retirement or a large pension fund, BlackRock believes risk management is not about avoiding risk, but about understanding more deeply the risks involved when making investing decisions.

Reviews and Rebalancing

Portfolio asset allocations are reviewed regularly and rebalanced as per the objective of each model. This is to ensure that the portfolios remain optimally balanced for risk, return and cost.

The review is implemented, and any rebalancing carried out, with a view to striking a balance between maintaining effective risk management, whilst minimising excess costs due to portfolio turnover.

Advisers will receive updates at the time of each rebalance.

A diversified investment solution

Diversification is one of the keys to achieving a more consistent investment experience over time. That’s why we have created solutions to help investors diversify and meet their needs going forward.

By constructing portfolios using iShares ETFs, investors gain the potential benefits of asset allocation with underlying investments that closely follow an index.

The iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolios are cost effective, transparent, actively managed, multi-asset solutions built with iShares ETFs, available via a Separately Managed Account.

Each portfolio has its own unique objective offering exposure to various asset classes, industry sectors, style factors, currencies and geographies:

  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Conservative
  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Moderate
  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Balanced
  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Growth
  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Aggressive
  • iShares Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolio: Income

Trading platforms where our models are available:

BT PlatformGrow Wrap PlatformHUB24 PlatformNetwealth PlatformPraemium Platform

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The Lonsec Ratings (assigned as follows: iShares Enhanced Strategic Conservative — February 2018; iShares Enhanced Strategic Moderate — February 2018; iShares Enhanced Strategic Balanced — February 2018; iShares Enhanced Strategic Growth — February 2018; iShares Enhanced Strategic Aggressive — February 2018) presented in this document are published by Lonsec Research Pty Ltd ABN 11 151 658 561 AFSL 421445. The Ratings are limited to “General Advice” (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) and based solely on consideration of the investment merits of the financial products. Past performance information is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of future performance. They are not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited products, and you should seek independent financial advice before investing in these products. The Ratings are subject to change without notice and Lonsec assumes no obligation to update the relevant documents following publication. Lonsec receives a fee from the Fund Manager for researching the products using comprehensive and objective criteria. For further information regarding Lonsec’s Ratings methodology, please refer to our website at: