We’ve joined forces with nabtrade to help more Australians become better ETF investors.

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We’ve joined forces with nabtrade to make ETF investing more accessible for Australian investors

Index ETFs have experienced considerable growth in Australia1 as more investors seek to use ETFs as key building blocks to construct portfolios and gain exposure to global themes that are otherwise more complex or costly to access to help them achieve their long-term wealth and financial goals. 


The current market volatility, inflation and global uncertainty have also been key driving forces for greater ETF adoption as investors look to diversify their portfolios.


This considerable growth, partnered with NAB’s customer insights has highlighted that investors are increasingly looking for better value and guidance along their investment journey. They’re also looking for more sustainable investment options and ease in constructing a diversified global portfolio.


In response, iShares and nabtrade have come together to offer a suite of innovative ETFs which will be available on nabtrade. This will include globally diversified and sustainable multi-asset portfolios using iShares ESG building blocks as well as a portfolio of investment themes focused on technological breakthrough and climate change.


As part of the partnership, iShares will also create ETF-related educational content to help nabtrade build out its dedicated ETF Centre to meet NAB’s customer needs.

The new iShares ETFs are expected to be available in August via nabtrade with a dedicated ETF Centre comprising the latest insights, education, and tools.


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