Aladdin by Blackrock


The Aladdin platform helps UK pension funds focus on pursuing higher returns.

The market is changing: Aladdin is here to help.

With shrinking budgets and growing demands, pension fund managers are forced to do more with less. Markets are more complex, data around risk is increasing, ESG considerations are expanding, and opportunities in private markets abound.

In the UK market, pension funds are facing market headwinds with two prominent themes emerging:

> The expanding role of alternatives
UK pensions will no longer be capped at 20% of alternative investments. This presents a historic opportunity to seek investment outcomes in private markets.

> Sustainable investing and reporting
Sustainable investing brings new reporting requirements for UK pensions, such as Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Sustainability Finance Disclosure Requirements (SFDR).


Wednesday, Dec 15TH | 1 PM GMT
Listen to a panel of experts discuss how the global pension fund community is impacted by changing regulations. Following the UK regulator's decision to lift the cap on alternatives, panellists will dive deeper into how UK pension funds can navigate these changes and stay ahead of market trends.

 Portfolios run better on Aladdin

Aladdin is an end-to-end solution that supports UK pensions on their way to higher returns.

Have a holistic view of public and private investments

We are able to deliver a true whole portfolio solution through the integration of Aladdin and eFront.

> See exposures
Have a holistic view of exposures across both public and private assets.

> Understand risk
Access BlackRock’s global risk models and perform stress testing through multiple lenses.

> Evaluate performance
Leverage position portfolios with insight into a range of outcomes, including key performance indicators.

Navigate the complexities of alternative investments

> Access high-quality data
Leverage a comprehensive set of private markets investment and benchmark data, including financial and operational data at the manager, fund, and underlying asset levels.

> Generate insights
Make immediate use of data. Leverage a set of pre-packaged analytical charts to generate insights and enhance decision making for due diligence and portfolio construction processes.

Manage sustainable portfolios and reporting

> ESG data
Access ESG data across public and private assets.

> Climate risk
Gain insight into climate risk - both transition and physical, and access temperature alignment analytics across public and private markets.

> ESG reporting requirements
Meet ESG reporting requirements such as TCFD disclosures and SFDR reporting with sophisticated scenario analysis tools.
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of private markets managers' data available within the platform.
ESG metrics across multiple vendors for public assets
ESG data sources screened daily for private assets

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