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Harness the power of Aladdin data and services within a familiar and user-friendly platform. Aladdin Tools for Excel (ATX) is an Excel plugin that enables users to retrieve Aladdin data to build custom reports and run bespoke analyses.

Why use Aladdin Tools for Excel?

Aladdin Tools for Excel allows you to access your Aladdin data programmatically in Excel. Through Aladdin Tools for Excel, you can connect Aladdin data to non-Aladdin or public data seamlessly, managing multiple sources in one location. The familiarity and flexibility of Excel combined with the power of Aladdin workflows and data provide a quick and effective means to conduct real-time analyses.

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Convenient access to data
Access the full spectrum of Aladdin data, including analytics, trades, orders, and more. Display data dynamically using Aladdin Tools for Excel’s custom function library.
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Optimize performance
Automate reports, streamline your workflows, and build custom solutions to suit your business needs.
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Accelerate your innovation with templates
Browse our Aladdin Tools for Excel template library to gather inspiration for potential workflows and reports.

What can you build with Aladdin Tools for Excel?

Retrieve data across a variety of Aladdin tools using Aladdin Tools for Excel functions. Combine functions across data sets – applying custom filters as needed – to construct solutions that suit your varied reporting, modeling, and analytical needs.

  • Build a portfolio risk dashboard that highlights top exposures, key breakdowns, and highest value at risk.

  • Analyze the would-be returns of your portfolio after screening out holdings based on ESG ratings, scores, and sectors.

  • Illustrate the returns of your portfolio across equity exposures with detailed visuals showing the impacts of different economic shocks.

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