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Aladdin Compute provides a highly customizable, easily navigable compute platform, with support for industry-standard notebook integrated development environments (IDEs), including ready-to-use Python environments.

How does Aladdin Compute help me?

Aladdin Compute gives you tools that are fluent in portfolios. It provides a single control plane for investment data that respects the Aladdin framework, including permissions, entitlements, and resource-governance-related measures. Customize workspaces, jobs, and scripts to enhance your workflows in minutes – rather than months – to deliver the specialized solutions you need. Aladdin Compute integrates natively with Aladdin Studio’s API surface and the Aladdin Data Cloud to help you jump quickly from idea to prototype with one-click developer-guide execution.

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Automate workflows
Conduct risk reporting, raise orders, construct exposure notifications, and more – Aladdin Compute equips you with tools to standardize and accelerate critical tasks.
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Construct customized analyses
Enhance processes, translate Excel-based functions to Python for greater scale and use across teams, and cater to your specific business needs.
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Implement control frameworks
Use scripts to automate exception management, and create dashboards to track usage metrics that impact business operations, including capacity limits and circuit breakers.

Why use Aladdin Compute?

Aladdin Compute was built by developers for developers, with ease-of-use and impactful outcomes in mind. Focus on innovation, rather than tackling logistical challenges – get started in minutes, stop wrangling data sets, and start collaborating with colleagues to drive meaningful results.

    • Automate business-as-usual workflows.
    • Build reports in minutes, not months; replace ad-hoc analyses typically done manually in Excel.
    • Lower barriers to getting started; discover and share apps and analyses easily.
    • Work in a data platform that speaks the language of portfolios and easily combine Aladdin data with third-party data sources.
    • Leverage pre-installed libraries and frameworks to move from "ingest" to "experiment" quickly.
    • Query, compute, and visualize data at scale – and share outputs of machine-learning models.
    • Easily manage access permissions and credits via a single control plane.
    • Quickly view and manage exceptions across capabilities.
    • View summary reports of financial and operational usage.

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