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Aladdin Studio APIs enable you to build your own solutions with access to the breadth and depth of Aladdin data and capabilities. Retrieve, write, and modify data from across the Aladdin ecosystem to power proprietary applications and create custom tools that meet your needs.

What are APIs? How can I use them in Aladdin Studio?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a clearly defined set of methods used to access data. APIs allow applications to communicate with one another and offer flexible solutions to complex needs. A good API makes it easy to retrieve and manipulate data, and it provides you with building blocks to help construct programs.

Aladdin REST APIs allow you to take control of your data, granting read and write access to Aladdin data to drive proprietary applications built by your development teams. Our APIs let you call Aladdin databases directly, empowering you to create tools and workflows that expand beyond native Aladdin functionality.

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Easy integration
Seamless connection between Aladdin and your ecosystem.
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Enhanced processes
Scalable ways to automate workflows and analysis.
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Dynamic customization
Flexible solutions to complex use cases.

How does Aladdin Studio help me leverage APIs?

Aladdin APIs allow for programmatic access to Aladdin operational services, including trades, orders, and compliance rules. Use our APIs and supporting resources to construct customizable and innovative solutions to your business needs.

  • Aladdin Studio already has a large universe of available APIs, and we are always expanding our offerings in response to the bespoke needs of our developer community.

  • Aladdin Studio documentation teaches you how Aladdin API requests are built, authorized, and processed in our system.

  • Download Python Jupyter Notebooks, or cut and paste code samples across multiple programming languages from carefully curated API guides, to build solutions in minutes.

  • Our Data Dictionary allows you to explore Aladdin data and search for the field definitions you need.

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