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Securely bulk transfer your data, consume large data sets downstream, and load large custom data sets to Aladdin through Aladdin Data eXchange (ADX).

Why use Aladdin Data eXchange?

Aladdin Data eXchange streamlines data management and distribution with automated data transfer to and from Aladdin. It helps you access Aladdin data in your own ecosystem and easily integrate non-Aladdin data into the Aladdin investment platform. Aladdin Data eXchange securely facilitates data storage for bulk data analysis, reconciliation, and feeding other investment software. It supports bulk-loading data onto Aladdin, eliminating manual processes and the risk of human error when writing large amounts of data.

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Promote data connectivity
Integrate Aladdin data throughout your entire financial data ecosystem.
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Adjust workflows dynamically
Configure data exchanges with any frequency, based on your business needs.
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Tackle custom workflow needs
Create solutions from investment analysis to reporting with Aladdin Data eXchange data.

How does Aladdin Data eXchange improve data transfer processes?

Aladdin Data eXchange uses a familiar interface and standard language to facilitate secure data transfer practices across businesses and industries.

  • Use Secure File Transfer Protocol or IBM MQ to manage files securely, controlling access and messaging.

  • Leverage more than 40 standard XML, CSV, and JSON extracts covering trades, orders, positions, securities, cash transactions, prices, custom analytics, security data, and more. 

  • Bulk import data with our 35 standard CSV loaders covering trades, orders, positions, securities, cash transactions, prices, custom analytics, security data, and more.

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