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Consolidate all of your data in one place.
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What is Aladdin Data Warehouse?

Aladdin Data Warehouse (ADW) is an open access data store that puts all your data sources side by side, enabling you to automate workflows, unlock new patterns and translate these into sophisticated information and insights.

ADW offers you the following key benefits:

  1. Frictionless integration – ADW is seamlessly integrated within the Studio app alongside detailed developer guides and richer metadata that will help you discover and build at speed
  2. Simplified operations – Built-in data administration eliminates operational overhead and gives you simple, real-time oversight of data loads and your latest activity
  3. Empowered users – Lowers barrier to entry for even non-technical users through our simpler and more intuitive UI

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Democratize access to data

Complementary to Aladdin Studio, ADW empowers everyone at your organization. Whether you’re a portfolio manager, risk manager, research analyst, or technologist, ADW puts all your data at your fingertips and generates new levels of operational efficiency.
the financial data you need
your data-driven workflows
your data management

Find the data set you need

Aladdin Data Warehouse offers over 40 data sets with 70 billion rows, and allows you to benefit from the simplicity and speed that comes with bringing together Aladdin’s data sets with your own.

Easily access your data:

  • Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Economic
  • Trade
  • Security
  • Or bring your own

ADW Query Builder & Administration

Query Builder is a major feature of ADW that helps you create reports with ease, freeing up time for innovation. You can create ad-hoc queries and retrieve a preview of data, helping users to get started quickly with their analysis and workflow.

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