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BlackRock Portfolio Consulting

Delivering innovative solutions, portfolio analysis and insights to solve your portfolio challenges.

Capital at Risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

About BlackRock Portfolio Consulting

BlackRock Portfolio Consulting are a team of experienced investment consultants who aim to empower you to gain new perspectives on your portfolio, giving you tools and support to help you get closer to your overall portfolio objectives.

  1. Unique insights and analytics - Aim to identify sources of risk and return within your portfolio, providing you clarity on how asset classes and products could interact towards an intended outcome. Our risk management platform, Aladdin, provides access to over 3000 risk factors to decompose your portfolio, providing understanding of your exposures with precision, aiming to enable optimisation of your portfolio. While proprietary technology platforms may help manage risk, risk cannot be eliminated.
  2. Market and peer insights - Drawing on 30 years of BlackRock’s investment expertise across multi-asset strategies, we seek to provide a comprehensive overview of industry trends, market outlook and our forward-looking capital market assumptions.
  3. An investment toolbox at your disposal - If you’re looking to make changes to your portfolio or explore a new investment approach, BlackRock’s extensive product set could empower you to move from idea to implementation.
6000+ client portfolios analysed to help clients meet their investment goals
USD 700BN in AUM across European portfolios we provided consultations on
1400+ Investment Propositions (re) designed to help clients meet their investment goals

*Source: BlackRock Portfolio Consulting (EMEA) – 31 December 2023

Our portfolio consulting services

To help support the evolution of your portfolio, we offer a spectrum of portfolio consulting services tailored for investors who want to retain control of asset allocation and implementation decisions according to their unique needs at every step of the ‘whole portfolio’ evolution journey.

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Risk Factor Decomposition

Risk Factor Decomposition

Understand how your investment choices impact your exposure to multi-asset fundamental risk factors. Do you have any style factor tilts? How do these risks vary from your benchmark?

Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability Analysis

We can help investors evaluate the sustainable characteristics of their portfolios through a variety of metrics and see how allocations to different strategies can affect their portfolio's risk/return and sustainability profile.

Scenario Testing

Scenario Testing

Analysing how your portfolio might respond in different market scenarios, including tail risk events at ends of the spectrum. Our stress test simulations cover historical scenarios, univariate effects, and various forward-looking market-driven scenarios.1

Strategic Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation Review

Assisting in asset allocation decisions across all asset classes, leveraging the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII) Climate-aware Capital Market Assumptions.

Alternatives Capabilities

Alternatives Modelling & Cash Flow Analysis

Managing your investments in private markets, across vintages and sub asset classes. Whether it’s assessing an existing alternatives sleeve in the context of your overall portfolio, or introducing alternatives for the first time, we can help to identify potential solutions that can bring you closer to your intended investment objectives.

robust opto
Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio Optimisation

Using BlackRock’s robust portfolio optimisation approach to enhance portfolio risk and return. Further methods such as portfolio rationalisation and cost optimization are part of a full suite helping to simplify the complexity of running portfolios.

Peer Portfolio Insights

Peer Portfolio Insights

Leveraging insights from an expansive database of investor portfolios throughout EMEA to deliver valuable peer comparisons – from average asset allocations and index adoption, to fee comparisons and sustainability.

1. There is no guarantee that stress testing will eliminate the risk of investing in this fund or strategy nor that the Profit & Loss movements depicted in the stress testing will replicate in the future.

BlackRock Portfolio Consulting are a team of portfolio construction and asset allocation specialists who help you, our investors analyse and construct better portfolios.

We provide an entry point into the firm’s portfolio construction tools and techniques and crucially investment views, research and IP, to equip you and support you in achieving your own portfolio goals. 

How does it work?

• We start by understanding your unique investment objectives, constrains and objectives – whether it’s building new sustainable propositions, meeting yield targets, increasing portfolio efficiency, or something else.

• We leverage Aladdin, BlackRock’s multi-asset risk management technology, to help understand your existing portfolio with precision and to support you in evolving and optimising.

• We engage in market views and peer insight discussions, giving you access to the BlackRock Portfolio Architecture, the investment IP, research, optimisation tools and assumptions that power the activities of our own BlackRock investments. 

• We revisit and refine with you the results of the analysis as you need, partnering together to deliver innovative solutions and insights tailored to your needs. 

• And importantly, you keep full control of your portfolio management and decision-making. 

BlackRock are your holistic partner in portfolio construction, and we look forward to partnering with you on the exciting journey ahead.

Our portfolio consulting approach

No portfolio is the same. Our portfolio consultations are bespoke and tailored to meet your needs and challenges. Hear from Ursula Marchioni, Head of BlackRock Portfolio Consulting, about how the our approach puts you at the heart of BlackRock.

To arrange a portfolio consultation, please reach out to your local sales contact at BlackRock.

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