Getting advice

Starting a long-term savings plan can be daunting. For investors who may not feel confident in selecting their own investments, it is essential that you get good advice on the best options available to you.

While BlackRock is not authorised to give advice and does not issue recommendations to private investors, we would like to help you find the right advisor for you.

What should you bear in mind? How do you choose a suitable financial advisor?

Step 1: Planning
The benefit for you: A financial advisor helps you to identify your individual investment goals, determine your investment horizon and define your risk appetite. It makes no sense to invest your money according to a predetermined formula. An investment tip that is perfect for your neighbour might be far too risky for you. A professional investment advisor works with you to create an individual financial plan that meets your individual requirements.

Step 2: Portfolio construction
As soon as you are aware of your most important investment goals, your financial advisor will guide you through the jungle of investment solutions and construct a diversified portfolio for you. At this point, several questions need to be answered: What should you buy? How many of your assets should you commit to each investment? Who should you entrust your money to? In other words, you need to decide which asset classes you wish to invest your money in, such as equities, bonds or savings deposits, how to distribute your assets in a promising way across asset classes and which are the best investment vehicles – for example, should you invest in a fund or directly in equities?

Step 3: Maintaining your portfolio
A carefully constructed portfolio is not static. Your investment mix must be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market and your situation in life. Your risk appetite can change as you move closer to achieving your goals and/or contemplate new goals. For example, your children's future may become more important than providing for your own retirement. Your financial advisor helps you to find a solution that satisfies your changing needs and the demands of the market equally.

What should you look out for in a financial advisor?

Your financial advisor should be someone you can trust and who you enjoy working with, as you will be pursuing your investment goals with them. Your advisor plays an important part in your life and assists you with far-reaching decisions. They are by your side as you set about achieving your life's goals and dreams: a secure pension, your children's education, or perhaps a holiday home by the sea.